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should he stay or move

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3duracellbunnies Thu 04-Oct-12 14:35:44

Posted about 6 months ago and still having dilemas about when to move ds (just turned 3). Ds is the youngest of 3, and seems at the moment the most eager to learn. He seems fairly clever but quite laid back, fits in around other people, and good company. not that I'm biased!

He started preschool A this September, it was the first time he had been away from me, other than a few dentist appointments, or with dh etc. He has settled in without a backwards glance. It is a very friendly preschool in a church hall but only a tiny bit of outside space which they only use when the weather is good. He usually goes out when he can. He only does 2 sessions but we are fairly busy outside of preschool too. Ideally I would like 3 sessions when his funding starts in January, but as he is my last, and we are already constrained by school run for the older two, and I am teaching him numbers, letters, craft etc at home I am not worried about the education side of things. The morning drop-offs are a bit of a pain as school + preschool are a 30 min walk apart, we are in the middle. The girls go on the walking bus one day, and I drive the other. An extra day will mean 2 days driving.

If you are still with me, the other option is for him to move in Jan to the school nursery. This will obviously be easier for me for the drop-off sessions. My concerns about it are that he will be there for 5 terms and might get bored, it is a bit more formal, with trained teachers leading the team, the inside space is smaller, but there is lots of outside space which they can access come rain or shine.

They say you have to do a minimum of 3 sessions, when dd2 was there they really pushed for her to do 4 or 5 sessions, which we refused as she hated the noise and bustle of nursery, fortunately all the dire predictions of how much she would struggle in reception have proved too be unfounded. I know that this would be a constant underlying point of tension, some parents have told me that now they say they 'have to' do 5 sessions (all on different days) from the Easter before they start school to get them ready. I won't be complying with that as it would mean that ds and I could never do a day trip etc while the girls are in school.

I think that he will need to move next September as the sessions that he can do at preschool A are mainly just play, they have separate afternoon sessions for the older ones once a week which would clash horribly with school pick up. I think he will be bored by then too. My dilemma is whether to move him in Jan, or leave him where he is for the rest of this school year but have to drive more to school and have more stressful mornings twice a week. I also don't know how much to let him have a choice as there are pros and cons to both places, he hasn't seen the school nursery but he knows that he will go there at some point. He is excited about going to school, but also says he really likes his preschool. Dh prefers where he is now as it is more play based, but he doesn't have to do the double drop offs.

Do you think children get bored if they are in the same place for 5 terms?
Do you think he should see the nursery and have a say himself?

YesAnastasia Thu 11-Oct-12 21:34:22

I'm sorry you didn't get a reply yet. I think you should leave him where he is. You don't want to move him to nursery & neither does your DH. That's what matters and whatever you choose only lasts until next year.

I made the wrong decision. My DS is at a school nursery and I'm not happy with it at all. He however, loves going and even tries to get himself dressed he looks forward to it so much. It's too late for me smile

Beatrixpotty Sun 14-Oct-12 20:26:46

I'd probably move him to the school pre-school in Jan.The outside space would be important to me,I think boys needs to get outside and run around(mine do anyway!).And would make your life easier.I've just moved myDS from part-time private nursery (for childcare) to part-time school pre-school and I think he prefers the bigger group in the pre-school and I quite like the structure it gives,like having school lunch together, but there doesn't seem much pressure to learn and it is very play-focussed which is fine by me , plenty of time for that at school.I could have left him in the play-based private nursery until he went to school as the 15 hours made it the same price.I didn't give him any choice,I think I only told him a week before that he would start "school nursery."Sounds like your DS is confident and sociable and would just take it in his stride

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