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DS 23 months struggling to settle in nursery (in France)

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Romilly70 Sat 29-Sep-12 08:39:25

Hi, DS is almost 2 and i have got him a place at a nursery for a couple of afternoons a week. Basically it is 3 hours 13.30 to 16.30. The children normally nap for the first 1 1/2 hours have a snack then play.

I am not sure how this compares to the uk system as have never used it apart from a few visits to surestart centres when i visit my parents and i always stay. he also goes to a mother & toddler group in France with me, so i stay there too with him.

He is going through "adaptation". Normally, i would stay for 5 minutes then leave him for 5 and then see if he cries or settles with his key-worker (Let's call her Amelie). For the last couple of weeks, we have done it differently and i have stayed to helped him settle and then left for 5 minutes. (After telling him i am going to the toilet or something and will be coming back.) The minute i leave he starts crying and Amelie cannot even approach him without him running back to me. The staff are fantastic; really patient and particularly flexible for him. He has his teddy to cuddle in the few minutes I am not there and they do their best to play with his favourite toys, but DS is not having it.

I know he like the nursery as he is absolutely fine with the activities, the other kids and the staff as long as he can see i am in the vicinity. He is also only there for an hour maximim. We get there at 3pm after the other children have woken and hopefully DS has had a nap at home too.

Also outside school he has got clingier and i struggle to even leave him with his dad when i go to yoga once a week or with his grandma when i have to pop out occasionally. Although DP says after about 5 minutes of rolling round on the ground he is usually distracted and fine.

I need him to settle as he is way too attached to me. Even sleeps in my bed (is a long story). However he needs to be a bit more independent and also learn french (he barely speaks, even in English; apart from No, although he understands everything.)

Well i am going to persevere. But just needs some tips, recommendations of books to read (for him) to prepare DS a bit more and make it less traumatic for him. thanks! smile

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