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DD often refusing lunch at pre-school and sometimes won't even drink

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Species8472 Mon 24-Sep-12 14:44:38

DD (3.2) started pre-school at the beginning of September. She hasn't been in any form of nursery before, so it's a big change for both of us.

She goes to a pre-school section of a day nursery, 3 mornings a week from 8am-1pm, and has breakfast and lunch there. She happily eats breakfast there, but they're having real problems getting her to eat the lunches most days (food is all cooked from scratch on the premises). She can be very fussy at home with her foood, so it's not a great surprise, but a couple of times she's refused to even drink while there. She hasn't been ill, is happy to go there, seems to enjoy it, has friends etc, and the staff report no other problems.

Collected her today to be told that she seemed to be expecting her lunch to be fed to her (am bemused by this, cannot remember when we last spoon-fed her!), and wouldn't drink and was deliberately tipping her drinks on the floor. Other than that she'd been fine, running around, lots energy etc.

Anyone else had this with DC starting pre-school? Is it a control mechanism for DD, in dealing with the change? Am a bit worried.

OsmiumPhazer Wed 26-Sep-12 18:10:32

Im no expert but I would not worry too much, especially as she is eating her breakfast. My 18mth son almost always has a big bowl of porridge, with banana, raisons, seeds etc along with additional fruits and water. Sometimes he does not eat his lunch but almost always has a large supper. Its just the way it is sometimes

Species8472 Wed 26-Sep-12 18:18:40

Thanks smile, I think she's just finding it strange having lunch in an (as yet) unfamiliar place, and without me there (but she always eats there at breakfast). She ate some lunch there today and hasn't been tipping any more drinks on the floor, thankfully!

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