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Mars Montessori in Islington

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CruCru Wed 12-Sep-12 22:12:57

Hi all

Does anyone have DCs at this pre school or know any children who go here? If so, what do you think of it?

We have also applied to the Children's House, St Andrews Montessori and Beckett House so any comparisons with them would be great.

Thank you!

Parisbanana Fri 14-Sep-12 15:50:39

I know children who have been to all of those you mention!
Just the one family, 2 children to Mars, for the bilingual aspect. They are both very sociable extrovert children. I know the parents were happy.
St Andrews is really really popular. Very very nurturing and caring and I have only ever heard good stuff, except perhaps the cost which apparently is sky high.
I also know children who have gone to the children's house and to Beckett House and again have never heard anything but praise for them.
There are a lot of brilliant places available smile
I don't think I have given you much information there though really have I?

CruCru Fri 14-Sep-12 21:19:49

No but you have made me feel better. It sounds like no matter what we choose, DS will be fine.

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