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Please help, clueless about pre-school/nursery/applying and ages etc.

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snowchick1977 Wed 05-Sep-12 17:14:59


Dd is 13 months. She goes to a childminder full time. I have no other friends or family with young children to ask.

I was wondering the following:

- At what age can she go to preschool or nursery and does she have to go prior to going to school, or can she just go straight from the childminder into reception class
- If the school I am hoping she gets into has a nursery and preschool, would it be advisable to get her to attend and what hours would she go?
- when do I apply for her proper school place?
- is there any free childcare available for this, and can I use it in conjunction with my childminder

Im clueless and only asking these questions because I overheard a mum in the park saying shed got her one year olds school place sorted.

I will also ask my childminder for any info.

Thanks so much

3duracellbunnies Wed 05-Sep-12 18:55:48

She doesn't have to go to preschool/nursery but most children do. Free places start from the term after they turn 3, but they keep juggling how many hours/days you can spread the 15 free hours over.

Some childminders I think are able to offer the foundation stage and so you can reduce your bill. Or find a nursery which offers full days in which you can use your entitlement over 2 days. It is worth applying for preschool/nursery now. Talk to your childminder about what her mindees usually do.

For school if she was born between 1 sept 2010 and 31 Aug 2011 then you need to apply in nov/ dec 2014 to start in sept 2015. MOST school nurseries don't give you any advantage in applying for reception, and if there are loads of siblings then you might not get a place and have to move them again. Do check individual admission procedures though as sometimes it does give you an advantage. Church attendance sometimes is counted for up to three years before applying. It is worth finding out about school admissions in your area now, although this can change so check again nearer the time. Hope that helps.

Pyrrah Sun 09-Sep-12 22:05:14

Check what your local authority offers.

In mine there are a large number of primary school nursery classes that offer full-time free places (9.00-3.15 x 5/7) from the September after your child turns 3. You need to be on the ball and apply within the deadlines (pre-15th December here) for places. Here it's an individual application to each school and entrance criteria are the same as for primary school places.

You don't have to go to a school nursery, DD is at a private nursery at the moment but the school one offers a bit more structure which I think she is ready for. Some kids go to school having just been at home with relatives, or childminders, or private nurseries.

ginbob Wed 03-Oct-12 10:27:20

go to the council's website, you can get it all in black and white and apply online when it's time. you are definitely not obliged to send your child to a nursery although they offer excellent opportunities to socialise and make an easier transition to the structure of big school. get surfing x

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