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Nursery recommendations for 6 month yr old N10, N22, N8 areas

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sunshinegirl08 Thu 17-May-12 14:56:49

Hi can anybody recommend a good nursery in the wood green, couch end or muswell hill areas. I am new to the area and very close to Alexander Palace so all of these areas are accessible. I would need a place for my ds who will be 6 months old.

Any info on nurseries would be a great help.

Mondaybaby Wed 06-Jun-12 21:25:34

I visited the Montesorri nursery on Tetherdown in Muswell Hill and was very impressed. I can't send my dd though as it doesn't open early enough and was a bit too expensive. But it had a lovely atmosphere and the staff seemed nice.

nlondondad Tue 12-Jun-12 11:07:15

Try Bowlers' nursery Crouch Hill. It is a '' voluntary nursery' so LEA (in this case Islington) sponsored and partially funded, but it is independent and self governing being run by the parents through a committee. I dont think its that well known at present. While still in full operation it will be moving to new build premises nearby in the autumn see

Information about the scheme to build new premises here

sunshinegirl08 Thu 14-Jun-12 11:52:57

Thanks for the replies Bowlers looks good but doesn't open early enough for me which is a shame.

Likewise for Tetherdown have to keep looking.

christie123 Wed 29-May-13 15:10:50

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