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St Mark's Square Nursery - Belsize Park

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welovesausagedogs Fri 24-Feb-12 12:46:38

What are your views on St Marks Square Nursery School, got a place for DD for september as well as places at a few other nurseries. The decision will depend on where DS gets offered a school place. But I would like to hear people experiences of this nursery, i love the ethos and i though the nursery had a lovely atmosphere and the principal obviously really cares and loves all the children that go there.

NW3mama Mon 24-Feb-14 15:43:46

We joined last March with my then 2.5 year old. It was love at first sight! It's quite quirky, the kids do yoga and meditation and the Headmistress takes small groups to children's opera and art galleries. Lots of high profile families send their children there. My son is so happy that we have decided not to send him on to prep school until year one now, he's going to stay for reception at St Marks because they seem to produce high academic results too in a play based environment. I'm sure your little one is already in a nursery as you posted last year, but if you're not happy i would say - do whatever you can (beg if need be!) to get a place at St Marks smile Just a warning, the Headmistress is quite alternative, but she genuinely loves the children - she started the school and it's a real passion for her. She just got an OBE for excellence in education. Go for it.

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