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Which nurseries in Crouch End take babies under 2 years old, please?

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millamonkey Wed 04-Jan-12 16:22:45

I am beginning to search for local nurseries/childcare options for my baby, in Crouch End. Does anyone have a baby under a year old in a nursery around here please?

bishkek Sun 19-Feb-12 18:21:09

i will be interested to hear about other nurseries too! We have been looking for a nursery for our little one, under 10 months, and registered with one but now not very happy with it. We checked Adventure Land near Hornsey train station, Keki, Planet Tiny and Active Learning Nursery. We stopped the search after visiting Active Learning nursery. We initially really liked it - lots of light space for babies, grown up kids having lots of fun and the starter pack promised lots of structured activities for babies, plus reviews commended good pastoral care. Other selling point was that it could offer a parttime place almost immediately so we felt relieved to have found a place and rushed to pay the deposit.
After experiencing the two settling-in sessions, I think I should have gone for Planet Tiny. The staff seemed to be very alert, warm and responsive to children. We talked to a mum picking her child and she was very happy with it. We didn't go for it because we felt their baby nursery would be to small for our little one who is already walking and is very active (but maybe we made a mistake?). As for others, Keiki didn't have place anyway and Adventure Land didn't work out as during the visit we couldn't actually see the important bits: the main baby play area (though we saw the room where they can seat around the table) or baby activities as babies happen to be all asleep in the babyroom and of course we couldn't disturb them. Staff seemed to be warm and interactive though.

SuperLala Tue 06-Nov-12 09:47:13

My youngest attended Planet Tiny Babies from 9 mths and I could not be happier with the care, love and attention he received from the staff. It's a bright space, well equipped for babies, with very friendly staff.
Although my eldest had attended Planet Tiny's Main nursery from age 22 mths, I was very nervous about sending my 9 mth old to a nursery.... But I am so glad that we did! He had such a wonderful time there and has since moved up to Planet Tiny's Main nursery, where he has a great time and looks forward to going every morning... It's a warming relief knowing that he is the one dragging me to take him smile

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