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Pre-School Apps for iPad and iphone

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Leo03 Fri 02-Dec-11 14:14:10

I have been looking for something nice and simple for a long time for my toddler to use on the ipad. Finally I found Shape Up! by busythings which he adores. All he has to do is trace shapes on the screen to make characters come to life. The Nosy Crow fairy tales are also fabulous for toddlers. I have found there are so may dull apps out there for very young children. Can anyone recommend any other apps for this age group?

lindsell Fri 02-Dec-11 14:21:26

My Ds (2.7) loves tozzle which is a puzzle app - the free version only has a few simple puzzles which he could do easily at 18mths (but worth a try to see what it's like), the full version has some quite complex ones and he really enjoys it.

Betsysmummy Tue 06-Dec-11 14:22:10

My 2 1/2 year old currently loves Animatch as well as Winterpop. Think they were both free ones.

NatEdwards Wed 07-Dec-11 15:55:51

We've recently downloaded the Louie app. It uses the characters and beautifully animated environments of the Cbeebies programme to teach very basic letter writing and drawing.

My 3 and a bit year old adores it, and I'm more than happy to let him giggle away at something that I know is doing a world of good!

Tanith Sun 18-Dec-11 15:49:13

DD adores the DuckDuckMoose apps: Incy Wincy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, Baa Baa Black Sheep etc.

Bohica Sun 18-Dec-11 16:00:19

Our 3y old enjoys pocketphonics, splingo,cut the rope and labyrinth.

Swimminglikeaduck Wed 04-Jan-12 20:31:36

2.2 yr old loves tocaboca - free version is really good!

NinjaP Thu 05-Jan-12 08:56:40

Try Go Count! for iPad - it's great for learning to count up to 10 objects.

thistlemuncher Sat 07-Jan-12 07:15:00

I just came on to post the same question! We have the Nosy Crow fairy tales and Thomas and Friends Misty Island Rescue all of which which he loves. Especially the puzzles in Thomas. Tozzle - he also loves (but I think it's far too easy for him now, he manages to finish the puzzles so quickly). We have the Sound Touch which fascinated him when he was younger, but not so much now. DS is 25 months.
I've just got him Animatch which seems really good, although he's not yet finished by himself, he sometimes seems to get the idea of it!

I'm looking for one/3 apps which are colour, alphabet and counting oriented, but it's hard to know which ones are good as there's so many around (and which ones have British accents). Shall look up some of these suggestions.

CaptainMartinCrieff Sat 07-Jan-12 07:30:11

My DS loves the Thomas and Friends apps... They're not especially educational but he likes the painting on them and the matching game. We just downloaded Postman Pat SDS, it's great value for money but a little too old for him.

CaptainMartinCrieff Sat 07-Jan-12 07:30:53

Look up Boynton... Her interactive books are great.

SiameseIfYouPlease Sat 07-Jan-12 07:42:23

My 22 month dd loves all the toca boca apps. Paint my wings, toca kitchen, toca doctor, and tea party. The toca hair is a little advanced but she loved the free Christmas hair app because of Santa.
She also loves duck duck moose apps and ITNG app. And one called 'nighty night' where you turn off the lights.

whatstheetiquette Sat 07-Jan-12 07:45:51

will try these, thanks

SharonGless Sat 07-Jan-12 07:58:47

Iwritewords is good app for letter and number formation. My 3 yr old Loves it

ReeBee Sat 07-Jan-12 08:19:44

Another vote for Duck Duck Moose apps and Thomas, both Misty Island and Hero of the Rails. DS is 2.7 and has loved them all for months.

Am going to keep an eye on this thread though as I don't mind never hearing them again it would be good for him to start something different.

needabetternickname Sat 07-Jan-12 08:38:48

Ooh, great thread. Just marking my place for now, so I can come back and steal all of these suggestions!

purcellfan Sat 07-Jan-12 14:02:18

Ds (2.5) likes "my very first app" which has snap style games with Eric Carle characters, and also "Count with the hungry caterpillar" although the higher levels are too hard atm. Just downladed the free vsn of fizzle so he can try it later!

flussymummy Sat 07-Jan-12 20:52:11

Fantastic! Currently looking for things to occupy my 22 month old on a 12hr flight- this thread's a great place to start. Any suggestions for our 4 year old?

pranma Sun 08-Jan-12 21:25:48

will these alao work on Acer Iconiatab A500?

pranma Sun 08-Jan-12 21:25:57


zacherena Thu 12-Jan-12 08:44:08

Have you checked out Word Wall HD from Punflay?

phoebemeryll Sun 15-Jan-12 12:05:16

Another vote for toca boca here, my DD loves the shop and the tea party ones, not the most educational perhaps but fun for us to play together. She' 3. Would be keen to hear some British alphabet ones, we hae A to Z wildlife and food which are very American.

debjud Wed 18-Jan-12 09:33:26

Got Go Count for 3 year old nephew -loves it!

TheSurgeonsMate Tue 15-May-12 15:06:24

These two apps are both stylish and cool and work well for dd, she just plays through them, no need to choose levels or anything:

Count the Animals. You touch the black animals in each picture, something amusing happens and a laid back lady says "one", "two", "three" as you go. Only problem is that it goes up to twenty, takes a while.

Spot the Dot. App shows a coloured dot, then challenges you to find it in the next screen. Varying levels of difficulty, dd can't complete this herself. But it's lovely to look at.

These books have high quality interactivity (in my view):

Harold and the purple crayon. Magical. DD likes the porcupine a lot.

Sandra Boynton books. Carefully thought out "appy" additions to every page. You won't find them all on first read through.

Miffy's garden. Slightly less appealing for the adult, I have to say, but dd does seem to like it, there are constant invites to touch the screen to do a bit of gardening of your own.

IWantSummer Tue 15-May-12 15:11:02

Marking place grin

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