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The limes nursery @ old palace school

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miller599 Fri 23-Sep-11 10:16:39

My daughter us 7 months old and starting the limes nursery at old palace school part time next month and just wandered if anyone had any children that go there or have any reviews on how the nursery I'd doing. Your comments would be really appreciated

juliegillard Sun 25-Sep-11 22:49:24

Hi there, I don't have direct experience but a friend's DD went there after being at Fennies in South Croydon. She then progressed on to Old Palace - she's now just starting Year One.

She was very happy with it, no major issues that she ever mentioned.

DD learnt phonics, early counting/maths, etc, was starting to read simple words, etc, by the end of her time there.

Whilst that's great in terms of progress for the child, it does then kind of 'trap' you into staying the independent sector, because they've already covered most of the material you might normally see covered in Reception class in a state school. But that's not specific to the Limes of course, more of a general observation on independent school nursery/kindergarten.

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