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Sound table ideas

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killercat Mon 12-Sep-11 15:09:02

Can anyone give me any ideas for Sound Table items? hmm

DD's pre-school nursery started with 'A' this week and are working their way to 'Z' by the summer term (clearly doing the sounds in a different order for teaching phonics in class properly, I think the alphabetised idea is just to help the parents).

Of course, I forgot blush and so have until Wednesday when DD next goes to think of something beginning with 'a' that is not an apple, an acorn or an abacus (damn, because the abacus was the only thing I'd thought of).

In fact, if anyone has any non-obvious ideas for any of the first few letters of the alphabet that would be fabby as the table is going to be filled with books next week for 'b' otherwise!

inmysparetime Mon 12-Sep-11 18:24:51

Animals, aeroplane, ant( in a jar), atlas, abacus, Alice in wonderland, ape, ace(playing card), Australian flag

Bandana, banana, bottle, bible, bee, biro, bolt, bell, biscuit, Brussels sprouts, basket.

Cog, cap, cape, coat, cog, can, cat, cart, car, coin, canary, coffee.


inmysparetime Mon 12-Sep-11 18:45:39

Oops not abacus, how about acrobat instead, or anteater, or Annie the musical

inmysparetime Mon 12-Sep-11 19:11:49

Anchor, ankh, address book, aldi carrier bag.... Ooh, I'm really getting into this!

killercat Tue 13-Sep-11 10:00:09

Oh my! Thank you grin You are all brilliant!!!!

Fabulous ideas.

Is this sound table idea a common one I wonder?

inmysparetime Tue 13-Sep-11 17:11:37

We did it in my preschool, but we just got the kids to wander round the nursery finding stuff, didn't involve the parents.

killercat Fri 16-Sep-11 21:08:16

I like being involved grin. Ah, it's 'B' next week. Bell is a great one, thank you inmysparetime. I have a lovely small hand bell she can take!

zandy Fri 16-Sep-11 21:11:09

Never send anything to pre-school if you're going to be precious if it gets broken. Free advice :D

killercat Fri 16-Sep-11 21:52:54

Zandy Funnily enough, when we visited the school last year I do remember a vintage toy being on the sound table (I think it was a train, had they got to 'T' by then??) and it was truly lovely and clearly very precious, but the children HAVE to learn to respect it in my opinion. And do, if the teacher is anything to go by (she fabulous!!).

Actually, I wouldn't much care if a family treasure got damaged as I'd rather it was played with and enjoyed and prodded lots rather than stuck in a drawer and ignored. So yes, a hand bell I've had since I was three and was given to me by my now deceased mother will be going next week grin But equally, I am fairly sure it won't be abused. If it gets damaged in normal play... well I'm sure my mother would have just been thrilled it was still being played with actually.

But yes, good advice!

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