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Can my child go to a nursery outside our borough?

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cvchap Fri 09-Sep-11 19:57:16

I need to start thinking about our son going to nursery - I mean when he turns 3 and gets the 15 hours free. My inlaws look after him and will need to be heavily involved in picking him up/dropping him off. They live in a different borough from us. We live in Thurrock and they live in Barking. Does he have to go to a nursery in our local area? Does it matter or are there any 'rules' in particular? Thanks in advance!!!

BlueArmyGirl Fri 09-Sep-11 20:20:46

It depends what kind of nursery you're thinking about. If it's a LA school's nursery class or a LA nursery school then it will depend on what, if any, admissions criteria there are. If you're thinking about a pre-school or other private or voluntary day care provider it will only depend on what places they have and gettng his name down if there's a waiting list.

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