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Anyone done Kindermusik?

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LaTristesse Mon 05-Sep-11 20:00:59

I'm thinking of signing up to our local Kindermusik classes, for DS 18mo. We had a trial class today anditseemed quite good, but it is ruddy expensive...

Can anyone give them a glowing recommendation and seal the deal for me? Thanks smile

MadamDeathstare Mon 05-Sep-11 20:06:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

niccibabe Thu 08-Sep-11 02:53:49

I've done 2 terms of it (instructor stopped doing it, or we would be still going) DC loved it, and I enjoyed it too - we both miss it. Good for socialisation.

Still use the CDs loads - the music is well-arranged and well-performed - but can seem a bit wacky - but then it's selected for american children (Kindermusik is a US franchise, not German as the name may suggest). Also, DC asks to see the books. Very occasionally you may find Kindermusik materials on ebay, but the instructor may insist on you buying through them.

Musically, the children may pick up some sense of rhythm - but probably not much tuning-wise. Instructor does sing some of the songs in the classes so that can vary a bit depending on who's doing it - and Kindermusik just asks for the instructor to be able to keep a tune, rather than any formal training. Quite a lot of recorded music used in our class. Lots of dancing around - which DC enjoyed hugely.

Going to a Kodály-based class now, which is much more like a formal music class - it's much clearer to the adults when the children are being taught pitch, and there is very clear teaching of rhythm too. It's all still fun for the children who don't realise they're learning. Kodály-based classes use very little recorded music. DC also loves this, it's a much quieter class and DC is thriving on being able to listen. Cheaper than Kindermusik.

Also did 'Musical Steps' (another franchise) which was partly Kodály-based. The instructor stopped doing these classes, too (it's not me, honest! grin ). I found this a bit hit and miss - but DC loved it and asks to go back when we pass the venue. Our experience of 'Musical Steps' was a bit like the more formal music class, but with about a quarter of the kids running up and down shrieking behind the group. That probably depends a lot on the instructor, and the parents involved. Also, cheaper than Kindermusik

MmeBucket Thu 08-Sep-11 03:47:06

The music is a bit wacky no matter where you are. (I'm an American living in America, and we all thought the music was a bit odd.)

I did it with DS about 7 years ago. I liked it because I lived in a small town that had a vast majority of retired people, and there just wasn't that much for kids to do there. It wasn't that expensive for me, I think because the area couldn't afford expensive. It was a fun diversion in a town lacking in fun diversions, but I can't really say DS learned anything from it. We did make quite a few friends, though.

Cousinit Thu 08-Sep-11 03:51:44

I did Kindermusik classes with my DS and DD in the UK and Australia. Found both classes to be excellent. The teachers were both great and the DC really responded to them. The classes in Aus worked out much cheaper as it wasn't a requirement to buy all the materials. In the UK class this was a requirement so the cost really added up. On the other hand it was nice to have the CDs at home to listen to. Some of the songs from past modules have become firm favourites with the DC and we still listen to them now. I'm not sure whether doing the classes has helped them to develop any aptitude for music but I'm glad we did them. Where we are now there are no Kindermusik classes and I miss them. We do other baby and toddler singing groups which are fun but I have to say are not of the same standard in terms of the music or the teaching.

idlevice Thu 08-Sep-11 04:47:21

I did them in Australia too. I liked the range of music presented - for instance, DS would never have been exposed to Japanese lullabies or African songs unless by chance - this made it more interesting for me too, as previosuly I'd only been exposed to the traditional nursery rhymes & music from kids' tv programmes.

I also thought it really helped with his learning to speak & vocabulary as the range of songs is so diverse. We did try another music session once but it felt much more casual & lightweight, not that Kindermusik is formal as such but it is obvious it has it's basis in proper musical tuition. I think DS definitely learnt concepts like fast, slow, high, low from the sessions.

The range of instruments available was good too - altho we had some at home for DS it would be unlikely we'd have something like a guiro or individual chime bars.

LaTristesse Thu 08-Sep-11 09:14:52

Cool replies, thanks everyone!

The class we'll be joining is tiny - there are only 2 children in it, so our opportunities for socialising are quite slim! However I'm mainly wanting to do it to develop DS's speech, concentration etc - if he benefits musically that's a bonus! I think we're quite limited as to what's available round our way, so I may give it a go and see how we get on...

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