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Advice re; pre school for ds2 please

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Becaroooo Wed 17-Aug-11 16:10:23

Ds2 will be 3 at the end of next month and he starts 2 x morning per week at a local pre school in 2 weeks time (We can only afford 2 x mornings per week atm but we will get funding for 5 x mornings from Jan next year if we wish)

I know that settling will be harder for him as he is not there often but wondered if any of you have any advice?

He is also not potty trained yet <<tearing hair out>> but its been a stressful summer - we have moved house - so its been a bit hit and miss tbh.

Its a private pre school and so they are ok about changing nappies.

Open morning next week so will take ds2 along to that.

Am feeling a bit worried about it tbh as he has only ever been left with family members before'll be ok wont it?

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