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What would you do? (ref: nursery not providing adequate provision)

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alowVera Mon 18-Jul-11 21:01:00

hi, DC is 3, and SN, attending a mainstream preschool. DC has been there since spring, and I am concerned that DC is having communication issues there because preschool have not done any training to enable them to communicate with DC. Have also found out that DC should have a IEP, but doesn't.
Now, do I wait until September and see if they get better, eg do what they said they would, or do I see if i can get DC into another preschool that can communicate with DC. (there is another local one that is possibly suitable, trained in preferred communication method But i'm concerned about the layout/access to outside space).
It is only for a year before she starts school. What would you do?

LucyLastik Tue 19-Jul-11 01:42:36

I would speak to the current pre-school and ask them why DC doesnt have an IEP or what strategies they have in place to support the communication issues you mention before looking into alternatives.

BlueArmyGirl Tue 19-Jul-11 18:08:06

Do they have access to an Area SENCO/Inclusion teacher or something similar? If they do and he/she is not involved you could ask them to take that step as well as what LL's suggested.

mrz Mon 08-Aug-11 11:02:05

Are they aware of the preferred communication method? What other agencies are involved? Speech and Language? Educational Psychology Service?
We have been trying for months to get Makaton training for our staff with no success so have resorted to Mr Tumble which isn't ideal

HoneyPablo Wed 10-Aug-11 10:42:54

Have you had a meeting with the pre-school and do they know what you are expecting of them?
What other agencies are involved? Is she on Early Years Action or Early Years Action Plus?
An IEP may not be strictly necessary as all children have individual learning plans in pre-schools but she should have a plan with some targets and you should be involvd in drawing it up.
What SN does your DD have? Are they the sort of needs that might be being met with differentiation to planning and the environment?
I would request a meeting in September because if she needs support above and beyond what the pre-school can provide it will be a long battle to get it in place before she starts school.

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