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pre school problems/ potty training

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malikasmum Mon 18-Jul-11 19:59:30

my 3 year old son has been attending nursery since he was 2 1/2 i have recently potty trained him and he was doing great in his previous school but since he moved on to his new school he just doesn't seem to be well at toileting he is fine at home and stays dry but every time i pick him from school he is either wet or has had his clothes changed more than once. my annoyance started because no-one seemed to be listening to me when i was voicing my concerns then after 3 weeks of me moaning they decided they would toilet him an extra time during story time so i went along with it still wet the next time i picked him up i got a bit annoyed and let them know it then about two weeks ago when i collected him his trousers were damp and had a very strong smell of urine then the same again two days later and when i mentioned to the staff about the bottoms of his trousers being wet she said they had been playing with water but when i got him home the smell of urine again on his trousers the final straw was today when they again tried to use the same sort of excuse saying oh they've been outside but when i took off his socks i showed and said this is clearly not water following this she commented that they had tried to remind him and will remind him more often like it was his fault he had been left in soiled clothing for who knows how long then following this i tried to pull up his trousers and noticed that again for the second time this week his pants had been put on incorrectly and the leg hole was around his waist when i mentioned this she laughed and said he put them on himself i then under a very angry tone suggested that he is 3 and does need help to get dressed she seemed to try and laugh it off and i have asked that management be informed of how upset i am and that i want it sorted so from here where do i go and was i right to get so angry please help and advise as i am at my witt end and ps thrugh it all after 7 weeks no accidents my son now regularly soils himself and i am struggling to retrain him again also any advice for this would be more than welcome many thanks guys

LucyLastik Tue 19-Jul-11 01:40:35

It sounds like the change from one setting to another has unsettled him.

What do you expect the pre-school to do? They are reminding him to go, they are taking him an extra time. I think you are being harsh on the pre-school tbh. It sounds like DS is struggling with the change more than a neglectful attitude from the pre-school. Going in there "moaning" and talking to the staff in "a very angry tone" isn't going to make things better for your DS.

I don't think you were right to get so angry actually. I know its frustrating when children seem to regress, but it sounds like you are blaming the pre-school rather than working together to try and find a reason why and a strategy for supporting DS gain control again. Demanding the management were informed of your anger was an over reaction IMO. And BTW, children attempting to dress themselves is part of the curriculum (PSED).

PaperBank Tue 19-Jul-11 12:21:55

Doesn't sound very good really. The pre-school should understand your concerns, be able to reassure you and have a plan to implement.

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