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15 Hours Per Week Money Distribution

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DarrenNesbitt Wed 13-Jul-11 09:56:39

Hi All,

Hope some guidance can be provided.

We have two children in a private co-operative nursery which does the free 15 hours per week. Our children have been receiving the free chidcare for over 1 year now. Instead of being invoiced for individual payments each month based on term time / not term time (as the 15 hours is only allocated during term time) our nursery spread the cost over 12 Months so you pay the same every month and it makes it easier for them and us.

Problem is our children are finishing the nursery a month earlier at end of July and therefore not completing the full year Sept - August. Because the nursery have based the 15 hours free allocation over 12 months we have not recieved the allocated of money for the 15 hours. Due to this we understand the nursery owe us £139 per child as this is what they have worked out per month is free and then we paid any amount over that.

The nursery are saying that they do not have the money to pay us the £139 x 2 back for August and are offering us the 15 hours per week free for august instead but we have to cover the Dinner costs if we do mornings.

Can anyone suggest where we stand policy wise on this.


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