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chairperson query - staff bullying issues!

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newbiechair Tue 28-Jun-11 00:33:29

This is my first post so please bear with me if I make lots of mistakes! I am a new Pre-school chair and from reading a few other posts, i am not alone in being confronted with lots of problems from the beginning. The most immediate concern is a letter i have been sent by a member of staff complaining about our pre-school supervisor. She has accused her of victimisation and bullying (leading from the appraisal process) and I am worried about how i should respond to these accusations. She has said she doesn't want us to act on it yet, but i feel the wording of her letter is so strong i have a responsibility to act in some way. Our current grievance procedure is not very helpful/ uptodate and I have looked on the PLA website but can't seem to get information related to staff bullying. Anyone have any experience, words of wisdom regarding this area?

5ofus Tue 28-Jun-11 09:15:20

You will get support from your local authority and I would recommend you talk to them (in confidence) to get advice on what to do. It's likely they will be aware that there have been problems and may be able to give you advice. I'm guessing if there are behaviour problems now, there will have been problems for a while.

5ofus Tue 28-Jun-11 09:17:29

And update your grievance procedure - and perhaps also look into a code of conduct for staff which makes it very clear that such behaviour will not be tolerated from ANYONE. Assume you also have a disciplinary procedure? What have the other members of staff said?

Do you know what outcome you want? Is it perhaps time to replace the Supervisor, or are you after a bond to behave better?

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