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Help! moving to Cowbridge and need local info!

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licktle Mon 20-Jun-11 22:52:13

Hi All,

I am moving from N. London to cowbridge with hubby and a 2 yr old. Please can anyone out there advise on playgroups/toddler groups schools etc... as I know nothing and noone as yet! huge thanks

Thinkofanumber Wed 29-Jun-11 16:31:53

Lucky you! Cowbridge is lovely. Fabulous shops.

I am in S Wales so I suggest you check the local gov website here and contact the Family Information Service (FIS) as I have found our local one is very helpful.

Not sure if you are Welsh, but if you aren't the Cylch Meithrin is a Welsh-Medium playgroup from about 2.6 up to school age. There may also be Ti a Fi groups which are Mum and toddler in the area, again FIS should help.

Hopefully someone will come along with more useful advice who is in the immediate area.

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