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Moving back to UK from SA with 4year old autism son...where should I start with schools

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Nikscapetown Fri 17-Jun-11 09:53:59

My husband is British, we are in SA (been out of uk for 10years now) but he has been relocated back to UK. We have 2kids the younger is 4 and was diagnosed with Autism at 2.5 years. He has been having 1 two 1 therapy and is doing great...but now to moving back I am lost. I have been reading all the mums inputs on schooling..the pros and cons to mainstream - with a unit attached and specialist schools. Plus what is in volved with statementing. If you are a mom with an autism 4-6 year old and are living in a bourgh that has been wonderful and have your child at either one of these schooling options (and are happy) please could you tell me where this is. We can choose where we want to base ourselves within reasonable commuting distance to London. I would refer to be outside London...I have read great reviews on the Rainbow school in there more out there like this. Plus would love to carry on with Verbal behavior which his is currently do so well with. Please help!

sailorsgal Fri 17-Jun-11 21:01:37

Hi, It may be worth reposting in the special needs section. I'm sure you will get loads of helpful advice there.

Welcome back to the UK. grin

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