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Nurseries/Pre-School in Dulwich

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N1MTB Fri 17-Jun-11 09:37:34


I've posted something on the Southwark boards too but was wondering if anybody had any local knowledge about good nurseries around Dulwich Village? Just had an offer accepted on a house so think we will be moving over the summer! (Fingers crossed it all goes through....) So, I now need to find nursery places for September.

I have a 3 year old who currently does 2.5 days a week at nursery and loves it. I'd like him to carry on doing a few sessions a week (but not too many as we are now most definitely on a budget (!!) and have to employ a full time nanny....we have a daughter who is nearly 2 as well).

There seems to be space at Dulwich Montessori Nursery (St Stephen's Hall), Asquith, Nelly's and Half Moon Montessori. I really like the look of Dulwich Montessori but it will be quite a long way from our house (which is near Alleynes). From reading posts in the "East Dulwich Forum" etc, it seems Nelly's is pretty highly rated and we are lucky they have some space. I've read rather worrying posts about Asquith.

However, it would be great to get some mumsnetter views if anybody has any thoughts!? I'm going to look round as many as I can but any inside info would be very gratefully received!

Thank you.

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