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Transport a child from private day care to nursery....M33 Sale

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mom101 Thu 16-Jun-11 10:17:48

I am in a dilemma.
I work full time and my little boy is in a private nursery full time. He has been fortunate enough to be offered a place at a nursery which school he is likely to be attending from September 2012
The nursery is excellent and will prepare him for schooling. This is an opportunity my eldest boy did not get and I have seen him struggle to keep up in reception.
I aim to drop off my little boy at the private day care in the morning but am struggling to find a way to have him transferred to the nursery for the afternoon session.
Brooklands nursery starts at 1240 and he needs to be picked up about 1230 from his private nursery on Derbyshire road south to be transported.
Are there any other mums who are in the same situation are there any childminders who are willing to help me out. I want someone who is reliable and is CRB checked.
I look forward to any suggestions or offers to help.

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