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Move from Private nursery to Pre school?

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Mookstermoo Mon 13-Jun-11 14:26:30

My DS has been at a private nursery 4 full days pw since he was 9 months. He is now 3.5 yrs and has moved up to the pre school room. I have been offered a place at the nearby Preschool (linked to main school) for 5 mornings pw starting this Sept. This seemed like a logical progression as I will be on mat leave soon and this will be the school that he eventually attends. His Private nursery do not offer the free 15 hours so it would be expensive to keep him there whilst not earning even on a part time basis.

Last week I went to look round the new Preschool and although the space was good I now have some reservations... there didn't seem to be any structure at all. I didn't expect a rigid formal learning environment but it felt like it was a free for all and that the three carers were just there to stop the children injuring themselves rather than fully interacting with them! I am now worried/guilty that I am taking him out of a perfecty good nursery and putting him into dodgy one. At his current nursery he has been learning his ABC, learning to write, they have 'themed' weeks where the stories, songs etc all link back to whatever topic they are learning. I understand that they will do all this again when he starts school for real. I don't want to be a pushy mum but don't want to feel like I am letting him down either. Totally confused. Has anybody been in the same position? Any advice? Perhaps the hour I was there just wan't so great... what questions should I be asking to get a true idea of what the new Preschool is like? Do I just need to chill out and not worry so much about it?!

Apologies for such a long post!

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