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Choice of 2 nurseries wwyd??

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mixedmamameansbusiness Mon 13-Jun-11 13:06:28

DS2 has a place at DS1 school nursery. I havent been able to look around yet (not until end of month). It looks nice enough and the parents in reception have only good things to say about it. It is 9.05-3.20. He will be fine there I know.

Second place is the nursery that DS2 already attended from about 1yr until 2.6yrs. We go on and off to a drop in there and everyone remembers him and are lovely. DS1 went there until he started reception in September. I love it there I know them they know us and we have never had any problems. They are very nurturing and caring. DS2 has literally only just come out of nappies and I know here they will take care and help him if he needs it. This one is 9am-3.00pm. He would be dropped off about 10 mins late, but they are very flexible about start times and we were always allowed to stay and read a story with DS1 before we left and stuff.

Should I send him to the school nursery which is very convenient (the school is great)and hope for the best or stick with what we know and go for the second one. (they have a fab soft play room and sensory room too - not sure that matters hmm)

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