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Cost of the pre-school

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yjessyben Sat 11-Jun-11 18:02:00

Hi Mums..I am Italian and ready to relocate in leeds in few weeks.I don't understand the school system in UK 'cause it's different from the italian.I would like to know how much usually we pay for pre-school and if there is any cheaper.Can family with low budjet have any help from government or other?

clutteredup Sat 11-Jun-11 20:13:30

The term after your DC turn 3 they are entitled to 5 sessions of pre-school, essentially 5 mornings although some pre-schools do afternoons so you can do 2 and a half days or mix and match - all free to everyone at this stage. If you want it earlier you have to pay although session (in our area) are generally only £3/ hour but this depends on pre-school area and also if they take under threes - normally they'll take them if they're nearly three and about to get the free places the following term. Your local pre-school will be able to give you all the details but essentially it's 5 sessions form the term after they turn 3. HTH.

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