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dd started writing sentences but do i praise and ignore all mistakes?

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familyfun Wed 08-Jun-11 10:22:45

dd loves trying to read and write and we let her do as much as she wants, she can write her name and mom and dad and sisters name.
this week she has said she will write a sentence, not sure if they are doing it at nursery??
she wrote "name went to l dentist tomoro" and "name and momy wos gowing to worc"
when they start writing sentences do you let them write them how they sound or correct them gently?

pozzled Wed 08-Jun-11 10:35:09

How old is she? At this stage I would just give loads of praise and encouragement. Far better IMO to maintain her enthusiasm and enjoyment than to worry about the spellings and grammar etc- that will come later. Follow her lead, if she asks you how to write something you could show her, but don't force it on her. If she's still at nursery she is ahead for her age and she obviously has a very good grasp of phonics.

familyfun Wed 08-Jun-11 10:40:11

she is 3.11 and starts reception sept. she has been asking me to write sentences so i wrote " mommy and name went to the park and fed ducks" and she reads it to me but this is the first time she has written for me. she asks me to read them and when i read name and mommy was going to work i did correct it to were going and apparently she meant walk not work so io told her its a difficult work and she spelled it for her.
yes i agree im just happy she is trying and think i should just praise her efforts.

DeWe Wed 08-Jun-11 11:05:04

At that point I would stick with praise and not worry. If you want to say something you could say that "big people" start with a capital and finish with a full stop. They usually like doing a huge full stop.
If she asks how to spell it, or says "that is wrong" I would tell her the right way though.

Mrsdoasyouwouldbedoneby Wed 08-Jun-11 13:41:43

I'd not worry too much, the EYFS Early Learning goals are looking for phonic awareness rather than total accuracy... although what she is doing is already BEYOND the EYFS in many ways. Well done to her!! For what it's worth, they don't always correct them at school (my DC's), when they make spelling, rather than phonic, errors in their free-writing. Obviously if spelling is a focus then they do.
In other words.... The learning that is going on here is not about spelling. It is about the understanding that you can communicate spoken words into written symbols. It starts with the child making different marks for writing and for drawing, moves on to sort of labelling with squiggles for 'writing', then the odd letter in with the squiggles, and then lots of letters all together and some meaningful words (like mum, or their name), then they move on to writing words using their phonetic knowledge.
The fact she has enough to do that before school is pretty good! My ds was still emergent (i.e squiggles to represent writing) at that age (and he was normal! lol).

I wouldn't worry too much about spelling and grammar. Just introduce it separately, for instance, when you write something for her. The fact that she can play with sounds at this stage suggests she will grasp the 'rules' and already is.

(srry if I sound preachy, lol... recently done courses! lol ;-) )

familyfun Wed 08-Jun-11 20:19:44

not preachy at all, very helpful thanks smile
yes i think dd loves the fact that she can think something then write it down and i tell her what she was thinking iykwim grin, she thinks its magic grin
She knows her name starts with a capital but unfortunately her name ends with the same letter so she now writes the last letter a capital too. wil tell her to start sentence with a capital and end with a full stop, she will love that. she already asks about question marks and speech marks in books so has an interest.
she actually thought "went to l dentist" was right, she didnt hear the word "the" she thought it was "l" so i must try to talk clearer grin
any other advice as all helpful smile

familyfun Wed 08-Jun-11 20:20:49

also having lots of trouble with dd at the moment with bad behaviour and crying a lot at home and school which teacher says is a lack of confidence so im hoping this will help her confidence a bit.

RhinestoneCowgirl Wed 08-Jun-11 20:23:31

Familyfun - I tell DS that we put capital letters on 'important' words, like people's names, the names of places, start of sentences etc, that seemed to make sense to him.

Sounds like your DD is doing really well!

familyfun Wed 08-Jun-11 20:30:24

reading and writing seems to be her thing at the moment so im going with it, i think if she could be "good" at something she might feel better about things.
she has a baby sister and is a bit jealous i think and is refusing to do things she used to love, like swimming lessons. sad
today she did me and dp a card saying " I lvu yoo mom and bad" grin

RhinestoneCowgirl Wed 08-Jun-11 20:43:18

That's lovely familyfun. I have DS's first letter that he wrote me at school, apparently it says "I really miss you mummy" (but he did have to translate it for me a bit...)

familyfun Wed 08-Jun-11 21:05:29

dd has a school homelink book which she has drawn/scribbled/coloured/wrote in all year and im hoping we get it at the end of preschool as there are some lovely keepsakes in it. smile

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