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DD ready for pre-school soon now but the one I like can't take her till January

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cerealqueen Tue 07-Jun-11 14:48:10

What do I do? I think DD will be ready by the end of the Summer, if not sooner. The pre-school I like is attached to a primary school and will take her once she is three (she is three in November).
I've seen another that will take her sooner but I just didn't like it as much, didn't get the same vibe. It was nice, just not my favourite.
The other issue is I am due DC2 end October. Should I have her in pre-school before DC2 arrives so she used to a new routine? Will settling her in pre-school in January prove more difficult (am worried she might think I've no longer got the time for her) ?
Friends have also said I'll be very grateful for the time out once it comes to September and I'm feeling tired and heavy.
I did wonder if I should put her in the September one and then move her in January but with a new baby thought that would be even more unsettling.

I'd be grateful for any thoughts/experince/advice!

ponyprincess Tue 07-Jun-11 14:54:22

If it was me I would probably put her in the nursery that could take her sooner, as I would want to get her settled into the nursery routine before DC2 arrived. If she is happy there, you can just leave her, but if not you can
then move her to the preferred one in January. What was it that made the difference between the two? Do you know anyone who uses either nursery and can help you get more a feel for what they are like?

cerealqueen Tue 07-Jun-11 22:04:35

It was a number of things that made me prefer one over the other, the staff, the feel of the place, the facilities, inside and out. The one I prefer has access to loads of outside space, fields, and an allotment, the other one just had a small yard. DD loves the outdoors.
I know have spoken to parents about both and and got good reports.
Now I'm writing why I preferred it I am really torn. I'd like her settled when DC2 arrives but prefer the one that won't let me do it! Aghhh, what to do!!!!

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