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Taking 3rd week out of preschool this term - for Eurocamp holiday

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AlaskaHQ Wed 01-Jun-11 21:34:36

DS (4.5) is in a lovely local preschool. He really enjoys it. The staff are being great with him, and doing some great work with him on social skills (not always his strong point), playing with friends, etc. I am really pleased he is there. He will be going to Reception at our local infants school in September.

I am hoping to start back at work 1st August. We have a week's holiday in the last week in July (just after the end of term) already booked. My husband, suddenly as of 10 days ago, now wants to also take a week's holiday at Eurocamp earlier in July, taking DS out of preschool for a week.

DS loves this preschool, and is sad that it is his last term. We have already had one week off preschool due to holiday at the start of term (the week between Easter weekend and the Royal Wedding weekend). DS has surgery under a general anaesthetic booked for a week in late June, so will already miss most of a week then. So this planned Eurocamp extra holiday would involve a third week off. I don't want to do this.

DH "rolls his eyes" at me, swears at me, says "its only preschool not GCSEs" repeatedly, adds "if we don't do Eurocamp this year it will never work", then walks out of the room in a huff whenever this is discussed. I'm actually really annoyed he won't even listen to a different point of view - apparently what I think doesn't matter one ounce, which wasn't quite how I thought our marriage worked. I really don't want DS to miss a 3rd week of preschool this term - I'd rather he hadn't missed any at all. I've suggested we could go for a long weekend to one of their sites in Northern France (with heated pools) which would make a really nice short break, and only one day off for DS. And we could do a full Eurocamp trip another year. But he just walks off in a huff again ... it is like trying to talk to a difficult teenager. And it isn't like this is something he had set his heart on months ago - the idea only came up 10 days ago, but apparently he is adament we have to do it. He seems to think Eurocamp only makes sense out of school holidays (cheaper cost, even if not all facilities are open), and hence we have to go this year before school starts. Is this right about Eurocamp? I thought it would actually be better to go in school holidays when all the "high season" activities are open.

I also (personal wish here) want to spend my last 2 months before going back to full time permanent work with the kids pottering around here with our lovely daily term-time routine. We already have a week off around DS's surgery, and a week's holiday at the end of July. And what is left inbetween seems so precious, and will be over so quickly.

I also thought (am I right?) that we have to pay back the government grant if we take off more than 2 weeks in a term?

And how mad would you be with DH for refusing even to listen to a different opinion? I don't know if I am being reasonable or not. I am pretty annoyed at the moment.

supersewer Mon 20-Jun-11 22:27:48

It's only pre school, (and I'm a pre school practitioner) he will be tied to a school system for long enough once he starts school. Me thinks the preschool issues is just an excuse because you don't want to go.

I've never heard of anyone having to pay back grant and I know some very erratic attendees.

plonker Mon 20-Jun-11 22:39:51

You would need to pay back the grant if the attendance was particularly sporadic and unexplained.

I think it's unlikely that 3 weeks of booked holidays would warrant you having to pay back to the Authority.

LawrieMarlow Mon 20-Jun-11 23:00:04

I am very against people taking children out of school to go on holiday but I can see nothing wrong at all with going on holiday from pre-school. I am pretty sure you would not need to pay back the grant - I have never heard about that before.

Eurocamp will be open in July although not sure whether there will be the same amount of kids clubs that would be open in the school holidays.

However you are perfectly right to be feeling miffed that your DH isn't taking into account what you are saying and feeling. Not sure how to resolve it but you do need to talk to your DH a bit more I think.

LawrieMarlow Mon 20-Jun-11 23:01:33

We went on a Keycamp holiday in late June and it was lovely by the way (which may or may not help smile)

CamperFan Tue 21-Jun-11 18:12:21

I wouldn't hesitate at all. In September my DS1 will be starting school so I am happy for him to miss preschool when it is necessary.

But if you don't want to, then that's up to you and you and your DH need to compromise.

meditrina Tue 21-Jun-11 18:23:17

Is this really about the number of days at school?

Or about how you and your DH deal with conflicting views?

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