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How much does nursery do for 3yos?

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bubbleandsqueaks Sun 16-Jan-11 19:01:42

DD is starting nursery on Tuesday.

Her teacher asked on her visit if she could do shoes and coat and I said yes without thinking. I have bought her some new shoes for nursery that have a buckle which she cannot do up or undo. She also cannot do the zip up on her coat.

Should I send her in her old Velcro shoes?

Should I explain about the buckle?

Will the teacher think I'm a lier as dd can't do shoes and coat?

Am I over worrying?

bubbleandsqueaks Sun 16-Jan-11 19:16:27


merryberry Sun 16-Jan-11 19:24:38

Send her in old velcro so she is comfortable and any wear and tear on new shoes is less irritating, and so she can do for herself as per usual, and recognise them in the school pile if she takes them of for some time (ours change into plimsolls for example, and do dancing in bare feet).

Explain that she cannot do zip, but can get coat on herself, which is a task in itself. Most pre-schools I know of are very enabling places and will take a straightforward task like etaching buckling as a good useful thing to do.

Also, where minewent/go if I had a new thing to do I'd mention it to teacher, as ours has a range of fasteners for children to play with - they can have a go at a buckle that way.

Teacher may well not remember in such detail what you said before anyway - and should also be learning the child during their settling in period and reviewing that settling in period with you, a bit every pick up and more formally after a term or half term.

Good luck on Tuesday to you both.

There is always a difference between what they manage to do at home and what they manage to do in nursery - in both directionsThey and you won't think much of it once you're all used to each other.

FreudianSlipIntoMyLaptop Sun 16-Jan-11 19:30:07

Aww yes you are overthinking it!

If possible, send her in easy clothes - trackies or elasticated jeans rather than something with complicated buttons/belt etc.

Lots of kids can't do all this stuff at first, but DD has picked it up since starting there. It's really not a big deal

FreudianSlipIntoMyLaptop Sun 16-Jan-11 19:34:45

IME nurseries will help and enable children while encouraging independence in a positive way. It is quite important to go along with this IMO - for example DD has to hang her coat up and find her name card etc. It would be quicker for me to do it but I think it's better that she does it herself!

bubbleandsqueaks Sun 16-Jan-11 19:37:21

Thanks. I know I'm being a bit PFB blush I'm worrying about silly things as I'm a little nervous about her going, we've never really been apart and she's used to me being there.

Time to get a grip!

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