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Starting Pre school at 3.10...too late?

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Mumcah Tue 11-Jan-11 20:41:14

DD will be offered a place at the local preschool/nursery attatched to the local primary when she will be nearly 4.At the school they do 2 intakes for the nursery and for reception and because she's a march birthday she'll start the preschool quite late.

We use a babysitter as we often work evenings so she hasn't been to a private nursery or childminder. However I have lots of friends with toddlers of the same age so she has a lot of interaction and playdates with them.

I did find a little pre school round the corner but tbh I would prefer it if she was potty trained (she is 2.10 but not at all wanting to even try the potty).

So,we won't be using the free 15 hours of childcare which she'll be entitled this a waste?Is it a bad thing to keep her at home til she's nearly 4?
Many thanks.

redskyatnight Wed 12-Jan-11 10:59:28

I think you do what suits you.

Round here, it is very common for children to only go to pre-school for the year before they start school so a fair number of children are rising 4 before they start.

Bear in mind though that children change a lot at this age, so in a few months time you might feel that she would enjoy pre-school more - but you can reassess that at the time.

IAmRubyLennox Wed 12-Jan-11 11:46:31

Do what is right for your child, never mind what anyone else is doing.

I kept my own DD at home with me until she was 3.6, even though she could have gone sooner. She enjoyed nursery when she got there, and certainly wasn't 'behind' the other children socially or in terms of attainment.

From a professional perspective, I often find it's easier for children to settle when they're a little bit older, and that it can confuse children when they go to one setting until they're 3.6 and then to another until school, and then into reception.

Mumcah Thu 13-Jan-11 22:44:18

Thank you for the replies. There is a possibility of a place for DD in september so I will consider it then.Now time to get going with potty training grin

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