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Calling January new starters!

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roadkillbunny Thu 09-Dec-10 01:52:10

Hi, has anybody else got a child starting pre-school/nursery after the Christmas holidays?

Care to join me through the countdown and first days/weeks?

My ds is 2.9 years old and starts the village pre-school after the Christmas break on the 12th of January.

He is my second child and my second to go through this fantastic pre-school so why am I so nervous and exited? (well I think I know why I am exited, first child free time in very close to 6 years lol!).

Ds is the chalk to dd's cheese and I often feel that I am doing things as a first timer again with him and that includes this pre-school lark! He is a bit more complex in his needs then dd was, he is more clingy, he has quite bad asthma, he has very delayed speech (dd has a speech delay and still has speech issues but the reasons behind her issues are completely different, she has medical issues, he is lazy!) still on single words and not many of those but he is making slow slow progress and feel he will come on in leaps and bounds at pre-school (as dd did) and to my shame is still in nappies!

I had my pre starting meeting with his key person last week which went well, since my dd left July '09 a new supervisor has started and she is to be his key person, I am glad of the chance to get to know her and she said she was pleased to get ds as she is the only member of staff not to know dd so she feels she can really get to know ds for who he is rather then Hemmie's brother. She was also really nice about the slight issue we have had lately with biting and the nappy thing.

So all is good, everything is under control, his uniform will be waiting for him on his first day, he has his bag (well Father Christmas is bringing it), pumps and second set of spacer and inhalers so why am I feeling more and more on edge as the time comes closer for him to be off into the world 3 mornings a week?

I didn't cry on dd's first day at pre-school and I didn't cry at her first day of big school but I have a real feeling I will be crying my eyes out as soon as I am clear of the building with ds! What am I going to do with 3 mornings of me time? (well I have one morning sorted getting back into an old passion of mine from years back) How are others feeling be it your first, second or 6th you are sending off into the big bad world? I know I can and have gone on a bit but dh just rolls his eyes at me when I start about 'my boy' going off to pre-school and it is good to get it out!

Tell me about your DC going off into the world

myproblemblob Fri 17-Dec-10 11:37:43

My DS who will be 3 on 13th Jan starts 2 sessions a week from Jan 5th.

He is also my DS2 and DS1 seemed to be alot easier to imagine at pre school. DS2 also had delayed speech although has been signed off by SALT he still isn't a great communicator. He also isn't potty trained were ds1 was.

I am really worried he is tiny too and I'm worried the older pre schoolers will tower over him.

I however cannot wait for 2 x 3 hrs a week I feel like I haven't properly had a rest for 3 years as ds2 has always been a bit hard work demanding etc etc .

I am hoping being at pre school will help his communication skills and also help with his fussy eating as i've heard peer pressure works well with fussy eaters.

Will let you know how the first week goes. I'm going to give it a chance although internally I am sick with worry

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