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Spanish language resources for a 3 year old

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Bumperlicious Sat 27-Nov-10 09:59:55

I'd like to teach my daughter some Spanish. There are classes in our area but they are £60 for 10 half hour sessions and I was thinking I could probably do that with the right resources. I have an A level in Spanish but would need a DVD/CD to teach her a decent accent.

Can anyone recommend something that I could start with?

gabid Wed 01-Dec-10 14:06:26

I suggest just occasionally chat to her about certain things like you do in your native language, e.g. counting things, naming animals, songs (do you know uno, dos, tres ninos? - I found it on some website), you can put Spanish words to any childrens song. Maybe search for a DVD you can watch in Spanish (e.g. Maisy storys).

Play games, e.g. picture memory in Spanish (also use Spanish for 'its my turn, your turn etc.).

Have a look in the library, they usually have beginners language resources for children, and think about how you could use them. I found the Spanish picture dictionaries quite good - its like a picture book but has the Spanish words underneath if you don't remember the vocab.

Just make it natural and playful.

I am raising my DCs (5 and 2) bilingually as I am German and my DP is English. I also used to teach German and Spanish in secondary schools.

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