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kate3006 Wed 24-Nov-10 20:16:47

Hi, my dd has been going to a day nursery near our house since about 21 months. For most this time she has been really happy there and very keen to go there. However, just lately she has started to seem unhappy and I'm not sure that to do. She has been saying for a while that she only plays on her own and has no friends. Then at a party a few weeks there one of the staff who also has a kid at the nursery commented on how my dd has moved away from playing with the other children and just wants to chat to the staff. She's quite a mature girl and prefers drawing etc to running around and the staff member suggested this was the reason. I wasn't too worried but over the last few days dd has been saying that she doesn't want to go to nursey and that none of the other children will let her play. I talked to one of the staff today and she confirmed that she wanted to spend a lot of time with adults but does sometimes interact with the other children. I was feeling better about it all but then my cousin just texted me that her daughter who goes to the same nursery (but is only there for 2hrs at the same time as my dd) has been saying that my dd was really sad there today and didn't play. I jsut don't know what to believe or what to do! Any suggestions gratefully recieved!

autodidact Wed 24-Nov-10 20:23:32

How old is she now? Can you invite a child she likes over to play sometime?

kate3006 Wed 24-Nov-10 20:30:47

She's three and a half.. To be honest I don't really know the other parents all that well as we all drop off and pick up at different times. My cousin's daughter used to be at the nursery for three days at the same time and she was happier but she has moved to another nursey but some days as she was not happy with this nursery. My dd2 is two and also goes to the nursery and I have been a bit worried about her as well. She is more boisterous and is happy enough there I think but is a constant change of staff there and has been a few other things I have not been happy about. I don't know what to do for best for dd1. There are better nurseries I think (although are prob full) but would it be more difficult for her to start somewhere completely different...

autodidact Wed 24-Nov-10 20:37:58

I'd have a look at some other nurseries if neither of the girls are thriving at this one, definitely.

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