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Kingfisher Day Nursery Croydon - Lower Addiscombe Road - Any comments?

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MELODYMAKER81 Mon 15-Nov-10 21:15:58

Hi everyone

I'm looking at sending my daughter to nursery at Kingfisher, situated on Lower Addiscombe Road in Croydon and I was wondering if anyone here had any comments good or bad. I have reviewed the Ofsted report but always feel that only tells one side of the story. I'd love to hear from anyone that has sent/still sends their child there, or anyone that has heard other comments/feedback by word of mouth.

Another nursery I am looking at is Funshine in South Croydon, again any comments would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help.

meera21 Thu 25-Nov-10 10:32:07

hello i looked at kingfishers nursery when i was looking for my son last year, he is 2 now. i wasnt impressed by kingfishers, i found it very small and cramped inside the building and the rooms were small...corridors were very space for kids..

I also had a look at elgin, fennies and in the end settled for bluehouse nursery on sydenham road. My son has been there over a year now and is thoroughly enjoying it. Staff are welcoming and feels like a warm and caring environment..check it out..

sea74 Fri 26-Nov-10 09:17:24

One year ago, we did a big research for my son.
We looked at bluehouse, fennies, elgin, kingfisher. We eventually decided for Toggles in lebanon road.
Second choice was fennies butithought it was very dishonest they wanted a month paid just when u put your child in the waiting list. I dismissed all the other nursery. i just had a bad feeling after i left. I didnt understand why i didn't like them until i visited toggles. it was the staff. in alll the other nurseries, they all looked careless, just there to wait for the end of the day, one in the blueroom was so fed up with a little boy i was speechless.
Initially i was not considering toggles because it looked so tiny from outside, but of course they accept only 20 kids. They all know each other, they are like brothers and sistees and the staff is really caring . I recommend you to take it into consideration.

MELODYMAKER81 Fri 26-Nov-10 23:56:56

Thanks guys that's very useful, always interesting to get some other views.

Gormella Sat 01-Jan-11 21:11:40

Meera 21 just out of interest what did you think of Elgin nursery and what were their fees in comparison with Blue House roughly?

I'm swaying towards Blue Hose too as I know. Few people who have sent their children there.

Thanks in advance


meera21 Mon 31-Jan-11 16:17:17

Gormella, sorry just seen this post. I was put off with Elgin when I heard it had been closed down a couple of years back because the baby area was not ventilated well..I did find the place a bit cramped too...bluehouse is quite big and roomy...fees wise they all were about the same, except at elgin expected to bring own nappies i think..bluehouse everything is included in the extras on top. My son is very settled at bluehouse, definitely was the best of the lot we saw.

mom14 Sat 05-Feb-11 00:12:36

Thanks meera21 it was dd is 3 months old and I'm planning to put her in the nursery in Nov 2011 when she turns one.

I visited Fennies, tender day care westbury and oakfield road and finally visted blue house....

We liked blue house better than the rest...but I was a bit concerned about their ofsted just wanted to know your son going to nursery full time??
how did you feel with everything???

They let the babies sleep on the floor on the mattresses whereas the other places had cot beds?? I was just concerned about that...

I think I have asked too many questions...but it is good to know from a parent who has had a child in the same any feedback would very helpful...

Gormella Mon 28-Feb-11 21:26:38

Hi All,

Only just found this thread again! Visited Blue House and I was impressed with everything, the very friendly, smiley staff and the space and different activities that were on offer.

I thought the non refundable reservation fees were a bit steep, so didnt reserve her a place just yet for fear of losing the £200.

I also noticed that naps were taken on mats in the corner of the room (no curtain or anything) and I couldnt help but wonder how my DD would cope with that, having had the peace, privacy and everything in her own room at home? The babies in the baby room next door had cots, but the over 1's just had mats.

Im going to Elgin tomorrow to have a look round, so we'll see!

Thanks for replying!

digdemg Tue 15-Mar-11 09:27:10


I've just found out this thread. I visited Elgin, Fennies Addiscombe, Blue House for my 17 months old son. T
o be honest Elgin and Blue House dissapointed me. The girls don't pay much attention to kids. They didn't seem to be doing their job happily. Whereas Blue House seems friendlier. The staff seemed more smily and caring. The most important thing for me is they care and spend guality time with the kids. If they don't do that i don't think they'll be happy while they're having lunch or sleeping in such a place. They need to know that there is someone there iif they need comfort.

thanks in advance and good luck to all who is looking for a baby care for their kids..

digdemg Tue 15-Mar-11 09:29:18


I've just found out this thread. I visited Elgin, Fennies Addiscombe, Blue House for my 17 months old son. To be honest Elgin and Fennie dissapointed me. (talking about baby rooms)
The girls don't pay much attention to kids. They didn't seem to be doing their job happily. The kids need engaging. Whereas Blue House seems friendlier. The staff seemed more smily and caring. The most important thing for me is they care and spend guality time with the kids. If they don't do that i don't think they'll be happy while they're having lunch or sleeping there. They need to know that there is someone there if they need comfort and tehy need to feel secure there..

I mostly appreciate if you share your experiences or thougth sabout the nurseries in East Croydon..
Thanks in advance and good luck to all who is looking for a baby care for their kids..

meera21 Mon 04-Apr-11 16:05:03

hello again mom 14, my son attends bluehouse full time. he started when he was 1yr old so he had to get used to sleeping on the mats, but to be honest he adapted to it very quickly, they get blankets etc..and i've realised that is quite normal in nurseries..For the babies, i am not sure, i thought they had small cots in the baby room but worth asking. And dont worry about asking lots of questions, thats your right as you are paying them to look after your child.

Mom 14 has your child started at bluehouse? Hope you are finding it ok? My son is in Ladybirds room.

notsoqueenofclean Fri 13-May-11 20:30:12

Have you considered Funshine? There are 3 of them and they all have outstanding (and deserve it too)

myia44mum Thu 07-Jul-11 16:18:13

I did not like blue day house nursery, the fees are very high for under 3's. My child went there, but my child never settled so I stop going. The cups that they give the kid to drink are dirty. I saw a staff member tickling an upset child with a pen plus the kid did not smile. I can say I hate the place and would never take my kid there. It just looks good but they don't really take note of comments that ofsed set. E.g. having a level 3 worker in the (18mths-3) room throughout the week. It’s always good to pop in and just sit and watch how they operate.

mom14 Tue 13-Sep-11 18:34:59

Hi meera21,my daughter just started at bluehouse,she is 10 months old and is in butterflies.Thanks for ur advice.Where do u live?It would nice to catch up with a mom if u live closeby.I live in tavistock gate.

miller599 Thu 15-Sep-11 03:48:22

I would like to say I looked at blue house, kingfisher, fennies and funshine in Shirley. I found kingfisher very small and cramped and did not like the feel to it. Sunshine has outstanding ofsted report but again the premises were very small and equipment seemed dated but the staff looked very friendly and was very much involved with the children. The children looked very happy too. Fennies and blue house appearance wise look very impressive as they are quite newer nurseries and better locations. My daughter goes fennies 1 day a week and I can say I am not impressed with that nursery. Children are restricted in what they can play with and how. Last week a 13m old child was playing a car on the table and just coz it was a lil noisy the staff took it away. My friend list her deposit there coz she was not happy with various events whilst doing her settling in and I think they are more in it for the money. They want full deposit as soon as ur interested or want to go on the waiting list and do not find then understanding. Also their baby room Is 3 months to 2 years and my daughter is just 7 month the only baby there with all walkers :-(.
Really loved bluehouse, lived the fact the baby room us up to 1 and then they move up. Heard good reviews from many different parents but still not sure as the fees are quite high. But need to find a nursery full time for my baby soon. Sunshine us heavily oversubscribed which she us on the waitin list for which leaves bluehouse with spaces.

Does anyone have their children still at bluehouse in the baby room and how many are there alll together in that room.

miller599 Thu 15-Sep-11 04:16:33

I just want to apologise for my grammar many spelling mistakes as using my touch screenphone rather then my computer and it is assuming my words for me rather then typing the letters I type. Hope u can still read and understand it

mom14 Fri 16-Sep-11 01:11:09

hi miller599,My daughter is 10m old and she has just started at blue house couple of days back, she is just settling in.She is in the baby room called the -butterflies.At the moment there are only 3 kids but the staff told me that some new babies will be coming in soon.the max capacity of the room is only 6.Let me know if u have any questions.

miller599 Fri 16-Sep-11 17:37:37

Hi mom14, blue house only have space mon and fri :-( ideally I needed full time or def a Wednesday. I have put her name down for the 2 days until a full time space comes up which should be late nov. My daughter will be starting beg of October. What days is your daughter doing

mom14 Tue 20-Sep-11 02:53:57

hi miller,she is doing mon and wed,i'm not quite pleased with the baby room,anyway it is too early to tell anything now.

miller599 Tue 20-Sep-11 21:59:28

It's not too bad tho is it. I really don't want to be taking my daughter out of one bad nursery to go to another that's not much better.

miller599 Fri 23-Sep-11 09:10:01

Hi mom14 I have given my place up at bluehouse. My daughter is enrolled at the limes nursery at old palace school. Very nice nursery and it's a bit nearer to me. Hope your lil 1 settled in well at bluehouse

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