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How early did you register your child at private pre-preps in SW London?

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mali2010 Wed 10-Nov-10 16:47:51

Wondering how much of the "you have to register your child at birth" craze is smart marketing by private schools in London and how much of it is true? I am considering registering my daughter early, mainly bc i am on maternity leave now and would have time to visit schools, I might not have time once she is 2 or 3 years old, but then I feel ridiculous registering her when she is only 1 year old. Am considering the following schools:

- Cameron House school in Chelsea - this is my top choice but they say they don't enforce first come first served so I assume I can wait a couple of years?

- Eaton Square school in Belgravia - also looks like a great school, this one says they recommend registering as early as possible so I assume that is soon after birth?

- Hill House Internation school in Knightsbridge - even though it sounds like first come first served (since they don't select by ability I assume as long as you register early enough you're in??), they seem pretty relaxed and I have heard people looking for Sep 13 entry that there is "plenty of time to register"

- Knightsbridge school - looks like they're booked out until Sep 14 entry so looks like one should really register asap here

any other schools i should consider? looking for co-ed, very good academics and very good extracurriculars/lots of after school clubs

in Chelsea/Fulham/Kensington/Knightsbridge

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