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is preschool more stimulating

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shobbs Fri 05-Nov-10 09:09:32

im after a little advice my son is 3years 10 months and very smart for his age, hes very aware of his surroundings and has a very active mind (always wanting to know why things happen and what for)

the problem i have is with nursery and when were out in a large(ish) group of people.

in our home its usually just me and him (dad works away in the army), at home he is an absolute angel does as hes told etc etc,

he sleeps fpr around 12/13hrs a night with no problem going to bed, but my issue is that when we are out or at nursery he gets very excited around others, can throw things and generally get very excited when were out etc etc.

nursery are trying to address his issues through feeling cards, which they say he starting to listen.

when i tell my son its nursery time he says its "boring" which i find a little sad at home he loves to be kept occupied either by workbooks or "being a big boy" and helping me out.

im really looking for advice as to what i can do to help with his sheer excitement, and behaviour when im not around..

please any advice will be very appreciated

BoysAreLikeDogs Fri 05-Nov-10 19:55:28

can you stop at the park on the way home/get a decent trampoline with a safety net/scooter home?

Nursery/preschool/playgroup all must follow EYFS, learning through play rather than formal learning with workbooks, and small childrens' processing means that he will reply 'boring' rather than detail his day at nursery to you. Does he have the choice to play outside at nursery to get fresh air and an opportunity to blow off energy?

being excitable around other children/out and about is par for the course

if he is a bit terrifying around traffic then reins/strap

Ineedsomesleep Thu 11-Nov-10 12:09:15

Perhaps being an angel at home is part of the problem. Did he mix much before pre-school, like playgroups etc and do you mix with other children out of pre-school?

Perhaps you could start inviting one or two mums back home with their DC.

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