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Darnley Sat 06-Feb-21 21:19:25

What happens when zombies have eaten all the brains and there’s no one left ? Do they die ? Answers will be informing my zombie plan. Thanks.

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dudsville Sat 06-Feb-21 21:22:03

I think they'd go into a coma like state, such that when as unsuspecting random human survivor (that you weren't expecting because they'd eaten everyone, or so you thought) turns up the smell activates them slightly off camera. So, coma.

dudsville Sat 06-Feb-21 21:23:30

This would also be true if aliens landed after all the humans had been eaten, obviously. So coma and then revive to eat the aliens.

NaughtipussMaximus Sat 06-Feb-21 21:24:24

But they generally start falling to bits, don’t they? As they decompose. So eventually there might be none left, if it’s something contagious causing the zombies. If it’s just that everyone who dies turns into a zombie, then everyone is fucked.

morninglive Sat 06-Feb-21 21:26:18

You need this thread moving to the 'Preppers section' They will know all about zombies, brexit, pandemics, asteroid hits, etc

Darnley Sat 06-Feb-21 21:37:34

See, my plan is predicated on this........ a bit deflated now.

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Darnley Sat 06-Feb-21 21:40:25

Thanks morning live. Will head over now.

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DawnMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 06-Feb-21 22:11:16

We're moving this thread over to our Preppers topic for you now, OP.

morninglive Sun 07-Feb-21 10:11:36


We're moving this thread over to our Preppers topic for you now, OP.


RedskyBynight Sun 07-Feb-21 11:57:55

Very good point. I think I need to start stockpiling brains, just in case there is a world shortage.

CookieMumsters Sun 07-Feb-21 13:42:31

I think if its a few days or weeks without fresh brains, they probably go into the coma state mentioned by PP, but long term they decompose and die. I'm imagining that takes months though.

My plan also assumes zombies don't run. Hth.

Diversion Sun 07-Feb-21 18:51:34

Some zombies do run though, remember 28 days later. When the Covid vaccination was announced my first thought was this is how all the zombie films start.

wellahair Sun 07-Feb-21 18:55:14

I think they will hibernate until they hear a noise or see a light which will take them to another food source.

Wanderlusto Sun 07-Feb-21 18:59:21

Well ultimately they would just decompose. So much that they fall apart. Assuming their hearts arent beating.

But then, realistically 'zombies' wouldgave to be alive. And caused by a virus that messes up the human mind. And in that case they probably wouldnt be brain eating monsters. Just people who are crazy and maybe violent. Ultimately a lot would then die from things like exposure.

Nothing survives without a heartbeat so realistically the closest we would get to zombies would be that.

It's very possible though. All it would take would be an airborne pathogen that affects the brain.

flobberdobberrr Sun 07-Feb-21 19:19:49

Is this a genuine question shockgrin

BiddyPop Thu 11-Feb-21 13:37:55

Do you not have a plan to react in the case of a zombie apocalypse flobberdobberr? No? shock Oh, dear, you are going to be sorry.... grin

Sideorderofchips Sun 14-Feb-21 08:21:07

There was a program on nat geo a few years ago called zombie earth. And rather than zombies as we see in the media it was based around an evolved form of the rabies virus that went airborne

Sunshinedrops85 Wed 10-Mar-21 19:07:19

Watch the movie #Alive. The lead could have stayed indoors but ran out of food quickly.

Sideorderofchips Wed 10-Mar-21 19:56:43

Hard-core preppers will say that if you prep for a zombie apocalypse then you are prepared for anything

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