Keeping pre cut shop bought veggies

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Paranoidmarvin Sat 12-Dec-20 21:38:23

Thanks for your answers. Going to put them in water

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Whenwillow Sat 12-Dec-20 14:27:51

I would try blanching them and freezing them I think. Alternatively try keeping them stored in an air tight container of water in the fridge. I do that with carrots that I've peeled and sliced, and they do keep for longer.

indignatio Sat 12-Dec-20 02:28:28

Could you try freezing a pack now, cooking half from frozen, the other half once defrosted and see if either are acceptable?

ChristmasSlayRide Fri 11-Dec-20 21:31:20

Brexit might affect as if it's one of a now reduced list of available items, everyone will be buying them.

Could you either dehydrate or blanch and then freeze? I don't dehydrate but I blanch and freeze when I find heavily reduced veg.

I hope you find a solution, perhaps it'll all be okay but I can completely understand wanting a plan b for peace of mind.

Paranoidmarvin Fri 11-Dec-20 21:00:38

My body reacts to new things badly. So I’m reluctant to even consider mashing and freezing them ( yup my body and reactions are that bad. ) I’m now hoping what u say is true and I will still be able to get them.

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shinynewapple2020 Fri 11-Dec-20 20:46:01

Can you not cook and mash them and then freeze? I would assume that these are UK produce though so can't see why Brexit would affect

Paranoidmarvin Fri 11-Dec-20 20:38:30

I’m hoping you wonderful people on this board can help me.

I’m worried about my fresh veggies on jan.

I have food allergies , medical problems. Lots of them. I have bad hands so I use pre cut veg from the shops.

I can only have carrot and swede mix which I can’t get frozen where I am. So I have the pre cut cube packs from the fridge section.

Now. That’s normally okay. But with brexit I cannot guarantee I can get them.

How can I keep these veggies fresh for as long as I can ?

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