Can you freeze coffee cream

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Wrenna Fri 16-Oct-20 20:22:10

Called Half and Half here anyway, so it’s half light cream and half milk. Coffee cream is just one thing I so wish I could not have to go out for to buy. Unless an emergency I don’t use powdered creamers for health reasons and whole milk won’t cut it for me for coffee. If I could freeze it like I do milk it would be so convenient. Thanks!

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Snugglepumpkin Sun 18-Oct-20 02:07:17

You can freeze cream although I personally think it changes the texture so I don't do it myself however I don't use it in drinks.
If you google it you will find plenty of instructions so it's worth freezing a very small amount to test (but don't forget to do a couple so you can try it after a week & a month.)
Best to freeze things like that in something like ice cube trays so you have small individual portions that are easy to defrost.
Bag it up once it's frozen into your portion sizes so you can use your ice cube tray for other things.
Might be worth just freezing some light cream so you could make your own blend & also freezing it premixed as an experiment then see what you think.

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