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footprintsintheslow Fri 28-Aug-20 08:19:43

I've tried to join a few older threads about dehydrators but I think they've fizzled out.

Are there any people out there wanting to chat about what they are using their dehydrators for, storage, successes and failures etc?

Our glut of tomatoes is going in ours currently.

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Finfintytint Fri 28-Aug-20 08:29:05

I’ve been using a dehydrator for a while now. Great for adding to soups and stews, etc. I’ve been storing the results in ziplock bags but have noticed that tomatoes and mushrooms have started to rehydrate. I’ve either not dehydrated them enough or I need a better storage solution.

I’m tempted to dry some fish too but worry that a fishy smell will taint the plastic trays so I’m holding off so far.

footprintsintheslow Fri 28-Aug-20 08:41:49

I've never used ziplock bags but I've been using clip lock tuppawear but it's getting pricey. I've tried normal tuppawear boxes from the takeaway but I don't think they are sealed enough for long term storage.

Sounds like maybe you had some left over liquid in the food and they needed a bit longer. I was hoping I could use jars that I can recycle myself.

What foods have you done?

We have tried apples, bananas, pineapple, strawberries, raspberries, watermelon (which everyone loves).
For veg we've used kale, courgettes, tomatoes,onions and mushrooms.

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Finfintytint Fri 28-Aug-20 10:19:39

I’ve dried lots of herbs from the garden, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, chilliest and onions. I don’t have much fruit in the garden - just raspberries and gooseberries and haven’t tried with them yet. I’m mid moving house so have to start all over again with a garden.

BlackeyedSusan Sat 29-Aug-20 14:59:55

I really need an idiot proof guide as to what to buy. Plan to dehydrate sweetcorn, peas and mixed veg mainly. (Nicking Bellini's idea) Help!

BlackeyedSusan Sat 29-Aug-20 15:02:04

I have some screw top jars liberated from mum's house vintage circa 1980s. If clip boxes work I could get a supply from Asda.

bellinisurge Sat 29-Aug-20 20:05:05

I highly recommend this book. Used is fine. Also, get some citric acid powder cheap off Amazon. A little lasts ages.

footprintsintheslow Sun 30-Aug-20 21:43:25

@bellinisurge what do you use the citric acid for? I've never used it for this.

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footprintsintheslow Mon 31-Aug-20 09:39:56

@BlackeyedSusan I think we've been on a covid prepping thread together.

We have an electriq dehydrator and we are very happy with it. I was going round in circles looking at different ones and checking reviews but in the end my dad bought one as a pressie so we had what we were given and love it.

I also bought this book and we've been getting on well.

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Antirrhinum Mon 31-Aug-20 09:43:26


I have some screw top jars liberated from mum's house vintage circa 1980s. If clip boxes work I could get a supply from Asda.

Frozen mixed veg dehydrates beautifully! Let it thaw in the bag in a colander first.

bellinisurge Mon 31-Aug-20 18:32:36

@footprintsintheslow , you soak veg in cold water with a quarter teaspoon of citric acid before dehydrating them.

footprintsintheslow Mon 31-Aug-20 22:48:15

@bellinisurge is this just to keep the colour? I was reading my book about it earlier after I saw your post.

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bellinisurge Tue 01-Sep-20 09:01:32

Hi, I think it helps keep the colour and helps the dehydration process .

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