how do you prep for living with selfish dickhead neighbours?

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hopetheygetitbad Sat 21-Mar-20 13:21:10

NC, as identifying information following but a prepper and fairly regular poster here.

Was coughing this morning - I am certain it isn't the virus as I have been very careful in recent weeks. It is more likely due to the smokey smell that was still lingering in the house from nearby neighbour burning his rubbish last night with a nasty plastics smoke filling the air for hours. FFS - we live in terraces with small back yards, not big open spaces - plus the bin men only came round yesterday morning! The guy is a bit of a thug so not safe to knock on his door but he has been reported to the council previously for these bonfires (when they first moved in the bonfires were every night and becoming a proper fire hazard) and it stopped for a while but starting up again. Never when the wind is blowing into his house direction funnily enough.

Neighbours in dodgy hostel flats along the road blasting out music that can be heard from halfway down the road. The staff that monitor the flats dont seem to give a toss.

Tensions will be running high to begin with but how do you prep for living alongside complete fucking selfish dicks for the next few months? I've been designated a key worker which worries me but is starting to feel preferable than being at home. But I worry about those that are isolating or, god forbid, ill with the virus and trying to rest and cope. Sorry for the rant, I know we can't really prep for this but jeeze, its not right.

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bellinisurge Sat 21-Mar-20 15:17:17

I'm lucky with my neighbours but if they were dicks I would steer clear of them. If they were anti social dicks I would report them to the police, or at least the Council.
In these current circumstances, I'd still steer clear.

Barbararara Mon 23-Mar-20 22:38:24

Bide your time until the food shortages kick in and offer to share your poisonous mushrooms (light hearted)

Sounds awful OP.

isthistoonosy Thu 02-Apr-20 21:34:26

3 dogs :-)

stella1know Thu 16-Apr-20 14:15:02

Im sorry OP. Sounds awful.

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