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Outedsochanged Wed 11-Mar-20 21:42:37

Thank you to all you preppers! I started following your threads 18 months ago and gradually started a store cupboard, adding little bits at a time. 18 months on with lots of panic buying around me, I've been able to walk past the empty shelves, confident that I don't need to join in for a while yet and hopefully not at all as the shelves become restocked in a couple of weeks. I've even managed to get the kids to add a replacement item via Alexa to Ocado whenever they take some thing from the store cupboard. Sorry if this sounds smug but I'm a convert! THANK YOU!!

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Snugglepumpkin Thu 12-Mar-20 02:26:44

Glad you are happy & prepped :-)
I'm even more impressed you trained your kids so well.

I think most people are just diving straight into the Pandemic threads so haven't seen your post.

JingsMahBucket Thu 12-Mar-20 02:30:47

That’s wonderful news!

bellinisurge Thu 12-Mar-20 06:32:52

You are most welcome. Yes, inevitably you will have a few "ah shit wish I'd had that" moments - I certainly get it now and then - but don't beat yourself up over it and well done for being sensible.

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