Prepping for a Pandemic Thread 11+2 (13) just in case

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Neome Wed 11-Mar-20 06:16:44

copied image link sorry can’t quite get this right.

Copy header from Thread 11.

This prepping for a pandemic pack was posted one one of the previous threads, I thought I’d post for this thread as there’s more people joining the threads. I had a quick scan through the last couple of thread to find a list that’s been posted a few times but couldn’t find it. The pack seems a bit end of days in some parts buts it’s got some useful ideas.
Pandemic Preparedness Pack

The Emotional Prep thread started by @Neome might be worth a look for those of us feeling anxious as things ramp up.

Emotional Prep Thread

Also attached a screenshot of a post on previous threads by @blackeyesusan (hope you don’t mind) with storage ideas for those of us living in smaller homes.

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preponderings Wed 11-Mar-20 06:20:29

Thanks Neome.

My school hating DS (who is refusing to do his homework) has started the day with a very pathetic sounding cough hmm

Neome Wed 11-Mar-20 06:21:01

These links work but other thread being prepared simultaneously so this might not be needed.

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Beedance Wed 11-Mar-20 06:30:16

What would you do if a daily family visitor (in vulnerable to severe infection group) said this while you were hunkering down with DC off school.

“Work said I can work from home one day in three when I asked my manager. They don’t want to set a precedent. Later we had a meeting where latest PHE guidance shared and my colleague turned to me and said ‘Oh, I was in Italy 2 weeks ago’ .I don’t want to change my clothes before coming round, too tired, perhaps best not to come today”

Sprayitall Wed 11-Mar-20 06:41:29

@bee I would freak out and make them get tested right away so they can get the right care before the chaos sets on

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