What's in your EDC?

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Kakfor Wed 20-Nov-19 12:43:11

Hi, I know everybody will have different things based on environment/risks etc but would be interesting to know what you carry for emergency/just in case scenarios.

So to give you a bit of background before I tell you what's in mine: I live in a very low crime city in Bulgaria. But it is prone to earthquakes. Health and safety is nonexistent here. I work in an office block with no fire alarm, there is no fire exit other than the front door and only one stairway (although I have my escape route planned over balcony and flat roofs next door). So, I figure fire and earthquakes are my biggest everyday risk. Therefore in my EDC is:

2 x dust masks (for smoke/dust)
Buff (a multitude of uses)
Kevlar lined gloves (for moving hot/sharp objects out of my escape route)
Local map (terrain will look very different after a major earthquake and mobile signal may be down, so no GPS)
Sanitary pads and tampons (great for sterile wound dressings)
Leatherman multi-tool
Mini LED Lenser torch with spare batteries (huge amount of light for such a small torch)
Zip Ties
Duct tape (wrapped around a tactical pen to save space in my bag)
Fully charged battery bank (for mobile phone)
CS Gas (people will start to do crazy things when the SHTF)
USB memory stick with digital copies of ID card, driving licence, passport, medical details, next of kin contacts

I could add loads more stuff but space and weight would become an issue, so this is the bare minimum I reckon I would need to get me out of immediate danger and to my bug out bag.

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bellinisurge Wed 20-Nov-19 20:02:19

I think City Prepping on YouTube did a specific video on earthquakes. He's in California. I think he had a hard hat under his desk at work with "stuff" in it. He also did something on home prepping for this scenario.
Earthquakes are not a consideration for me and I actually made a City Prepping (or was it Urban Prepper) inspired slimline one that fits into a business card holder.
I've had occasion to use some of the stuff in it .
It has: matches and a striker board, a pen, a slim multitool, a sachet of Beechams powders with ground aspirin in it, a plaster, a couple of steriwipes, £20 note, some duct tape, black thread and needle, white thread and needle, list of important phone numbers, mints, Imodium, dental floss (cordage wink) , safety pins, water purification tablet. A hair bobble on the outside to hold it closed although it clicks shut. Photo of my daughter. It's about the size of a business card and about 5 mm thick. I'm dead proud of it.

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