Brexit meal plan?

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Musicalstatues Sun 27-Jan-19 19:04:50

I’m not a genuine prepper but have decided I would feel more comfortable having a small stash of food, maybe a couple of weeks worth put aside in the garage in the run up to brexit.
I am planning on just doing an extra online shop and getting most of it in one go, but I’ve found I was basically going through and adding in random tins of things and now I’ve got to the end I realise what I really need to do is do a couple of weeks worth of meal planning and buy accordingly rather than trying to make meals out of random stuff I’ve bought!
However, I usually just meal plan weekly and of course this involves a lot of fresh food. I can get my head round what I might be cooking if I’m mainly using tinned goods. So I just wondered if anyone had a brexit meal plan they would be willing to share or just general recipe ideas for when fresh food is in short supply and you’re living out of the food cupboard!!

Thanks in advance!

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ElyElyOy Sun 27-Jan-19 19:35:26

No meal plans but the easiest way is to just sub fresh for frozen/tinned. Also some fresh food lasts ages (squash, sweet potatoes, onions and carrots etc). Grow your own greens are easy for the kitchen window if that’s something you want to do x

BrieAndChilli Sun 27-Jan-19 19:45:28

I’ve got (grouped into meals)
- Some pasta n sauce sachets and some tuna and some tinned sweet corn
- Frey bentos pies and tinned potatoes and tinned peas
- risotto rice, frozen peas, frozen onion, stock cubes, and frozen prawns.
- spaghetti, jarred carbonara sauce and some lardons in the freezer
- baked beans and the ingredients to make bread
- pop tarts, cereals, porridge oats and UHT milk
- tinned apple pie filling, tinned rhubarb, tinned peaches, crumble tppping and tinned custard
- tinned hot dog sausages which can be served with pasta and chopped tomatoes made into pasta sauce with herbs etc
- curry sauces and rice which I can add any veg/meat I can get into
- the makings of treats so oats, stork, sugar, flour, cooking choc, syrup, nuts etc
- red lentils, kidney beans, etc which can be made into a chilli with rice
- instant mash, tinned meatballs and tinned carrots
- instant mash, corned beef and peas

Some other bits and pieces but those are the main ‘meals’ I think I can cobble together if needed. Can’t vouch for the quality as not stuff We normally eat as we mainly eat fresh but at least we won’t starve.
Hopefully it will just be intermittent supplies so the above will just supplement the fresh stuff we can get hold of.

Musicalstatues Sun 27-Jan-19 21:47:33

Thanks both
@Brieandchilli how many of each of those meals could you make do you think?

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BrieAndChilli Sun 27-Jan-19 22:18:26

There are 5 of us but below when I say meal I mean a whole dinner for all of us
Pasta and tuna probably about 5 meals
Pies x 3 meals
Risotto 2x prawns and 3-4 if using other stuff I can get hold of as lots of risotto rice and stock cubes
Carbonara x 1 but enough spaghetti for another 4-5 meals evennits it’s just spaghetti and tinned tomatoes!
Got about 16 tins of beans plus about 6 of tinned spaghetti. As long as I can make bread we can have beans on toast
Got enough breakfast stuff for 4-5 weeks IF can get enough milk as havnt got lots of UHT however DS friend loves 5 min walk away on a dairy farm so if it’s real shut hits the fan time should be able to get a pint or two from them.
Got enough tinned fruit/topping/custard etc for maybe 10 puddings plus have jelly so another 5-6
Could probably make 4-5 meals of chilli and have loads of rice
Hotdogs and pasta probably 3 meals plus loads more pasta
Meatballs 1 meal
Corned beef hash 2 meals
Plus having had a look I have some tinned bolagnaise, about 20 tins of soup, some pot noodles, about 10 packs of instant noodles,

Plus what ever is in the fridge/freezer when it all goes to hell which would normally be somefishfingers, sausage, chicken breasts, bacon, whole chicken, ham joint, salmon fillets, assorted veg etc plus chips, frozen veg etc.

BrieAndChilli Sun 27-Jan-19 22:21:31

Oh and I have 3 packs of long life wraps and 3 packs of parbake rolls.

I’m going to try to make sure we
have plenty of milk, cheese, butter etc in the fridge. Rather than wait until we are nearly out and then. It more I’m going to make sure I keep it all topped up.
That way I think we should be able to last at least a month on what we have in the house. If we are still able to get hold of some stuff we will be able to eke it out longer by which time either order has been restored or we’ve gone to hell and all bets are off!

StuntEgg Sun 27-Jan-19 23:48:12

No particular plan, but have bought lots of stuff we eat regularly, e.g. pasta, rice, and tuna, which can be used in a variety of meals. Also tins of chopped tomatoes, tinned, dried and frozen onions, and a lot of frozen red pepper, so the basis for many sauces. Will add in whatever I can get, hence no fixed meals in mind at present.

I'm counting my stash in portions per person, e.g. I usually use 250g between us when I make a pasta dish for 3, so I've stockpiled sufficient pasta for 100 portions. One tin of chopped tomatoes and one onion per sauce base for three, so I have ingredients for about 75 portions of a basic tomato sauce. Whatever else is added will depend on what's available at the time.

Same with cereals etc. - I've ignored the portion guides on the box and gone by what my hungry teens actually consume, so made sure I have enough cereal for us all for 100 days, i.e. 300 portions.

I just have a fridge-freezer with a smallish frozen compartment so not room to freeze much, but I do have some chicken in there so along with some rice and jars of curry sauce, we'll at least manage a couple of chicken curries.

Loads of soup, and have always made my own bread so it might be boring but we won't go hungry.

Jackshouse Mon 28-Jan-19 11:57:43

I was thinking of doing it all in one good but instead this week I have started to stockpile breakfast food. Next week I will continue with milk and orange juice and move onto lunch. I will sent photos of my meal plans later.

Jackshouse Mon 28-Jan-19 15:11:02

Meal plan so far. We don’t eat meat.

bellinisurge Mon 28-Jan-19 15:55:06

Thank you @Jackshouse

ohthegoats Mon 04-Feb-19 21:49:42

Two adults, one veganish vegetarian (will occasionally eat egg, halloumi or prawns), one meat eater. Small child who isn't interested in eating meat, mostly exists on carbs. I've got 6 x this weekly dinner plan:

Bean chilli - frozen peppers, can toms, can borlotti beans, frozen onions, easy garlic, frozen chopped chilli and dried herbs/spices. Half a frozen avo mixed with mayo to make fake guac, rice or tacos.

Frozen leeks, frozen peas, frozen chopped onions, frozen mushrooms, frozen prawns, vegan stock, other herbs and risotto rice - added frozen cream cheese for me and child, not for veganish.

Lentil dahl with dried lentils, chopped onions, frozen cauliflower, easy garlic, easy ginger, frozen chilli, frozen curry leaves with rice. One small samosa or bhaji each from freezer. Have dried poppadoms that sometimes work in the microwave.

Roast med veg in a pastry tart - frozen pastry, sundried tomato paste and tapenade, frozen leaf spinach with feta cheese (long life). In an ideal world we'd do this with new potatoes and salad, but canned potatoes are gross, and salad won't be growing in garden until summer, so probably with baked beans.

Stir fried frozen veg, edamame, corn, beans, peas, frozen firm tofu with satay sauce made with peanut butter, coconut milk powder and chopped chilli and coriander, with rice.

Roast butternut squash (storing squash in a dry pantry), chopped frozen onions, frozen peppers and aubergine, canned toms, canned chickpeas with halloumi (long shelf date), couscous.

Pasta (starting with filled pasta that's in the freezer), with frozen leeks, frozen mushrooms, canned sweetcorn and UHT soy cream, cheese with this if we can use it. Lardons from freezer for me, soy frankfurters for the others.

Partner is an ex chef, we are used to cooking 'properly', and are used to eating vegan food. All of the above can have meat added - I've got frozen raw chicken thighs, breasts, some meat sausages. Also have normal convenience foods like fish fingers and bean burgers.

Lunches - lots of soup, homemade using variety of quite boring frozen vegetables as a base (whatever isn't on the list for one of the above) - eaten with crackers with nut butters, or bread (some in freezer, also quite often make bread), or gram flour pancakes (socca). So creamy broc and maybe blue cheese, leek and potato, other carrot/pepper/squash bases with lentils, beans, spinach etc chucked in. We eat this a lot anyway. I've got a few cans of ready made soup too - ones with protein in them, for when we can't be arsed.

Breakfast is all about the porridge or smoothies. Have whey based protein powders and hemp based protein powders, frozen fruit (solid and purees that have been in the freezer since last summer), bread with peanut butter and marmite. Granola on the top of porridge with dried fruit and seeds.

In terms of milk I've gone for oat, roasted almond and unsweetened soy. We've also got a few things of tahini, sundried tomato paste, pestos, silken tofu and coconut milk which can go in to add flavour and thickness.

I normally eat scrambled eggs with cheddar grated in, ham, avocado and tomato salad for breakfast, so it won't suit me to eat porridge but will be reasonably healthy. The other two love porridge.

I've gone for nuts for snacks - they are all in the fridge, so should last awhile I hope.

We'll be in the EU over Brexit date, so will be able to bring stuff back with us if we need to as well. Mostly UHT milk (which is common in France anyway), and fuck loads of dark chocolate, crisps etc!

I'm glad I've written that down, it makes me realise we'll be alright for a bit, even it just means we use the above as a base and supplement from whatever we can get in shops. I've not bought anything that we wouldn't already normally eat.

BlackeyedGruesome Mon 04-Feb-19 22:50:05

Meal 1: basmati rice, tin tuna, tin peas, tin sweetcorn, tin tomatoes. (Tins, jars, dried)

Meal 2:
Pasta, stir in sauce with sweetcorn, peas, carrots. (Tins, jars, dried)

These are my oh heck now the freezer is empty meals.

I am contemplating other meals that rely on frozen food. Noodling about with maybe a fish pie type thing for D's as he has quite liked eating his gran's frozen ones that she no longer needs.

Mum used to do some sort of concoction with tinned salmon and mash.

BlackeyedGruesome Mon 04-Feb-19 22:56:44

Many veg will last two weeks in the fridge so most of your meals will be the usual ones you have. The ones after that will be using frozen ingredients and only if things go really tits up would you need tins.

We have a Hotpoint freezer that only works with the top drawer of the freezer compartment out. When it was masquerading as an insulated cupboard with pretentions of being a badly maintained tractor, it still kept the veg reasonably fresh.

If you have somewhere cool like a garage, you can keep onions in a net bag for a while, more so if home grown.

SusanWalker Mon 04-Feb-19 22:57:41

You can make quite nice fishcakes with mash and tinned salmon. Roll them in flour before frying. I think you have to put an egg in to bind it.

My mum used to make rissoles with leftover roast meat and mash, rolled in egg and breadcrumbs and fried.

Although these days I expect we would spritz with olive oil and oven bake.

BlackeyedGruesome Mon 04-Feb-19 23:05:57

Breakfast, DD has Weetabix, oats, soya milk, raisins, sultanas and apricots with a mix of seeds. I have the same with cow milk. I will have dried milk made up if necessary.

Lunch. Plenty of baked beans with toast from bread bin or the freezer, or potatoes from the fridge, or pasta and sauce.

Tea will be more difficult. Ds is autistic and has fixed ideas about what makes a proper tea. We will be alright for a week or two relying on the fridge and freezer. After that that I will have to be more creative.

Okki Tue 05-Feb-19 10:22:58

I've put a few things aside but haven't made a meal plan - should probably do that. I have decided today that I'm going to keep empty bread bags so when I buy a loaf I can freeze half. I have also bought flour etc in case I have to make bread but baking of any description isn't really my forté smile

SingingBabooshkaBadly Tue 05-Feb-19 21:34:25

Thanks to everyone for some great suggestions. I’ve realised that I rely a lot on being able to buy fresh fruit and veg and my store cupboard repertoire is a bit limited.

ohthegoats re tinned potatoes. I agree these are a bit grim but have found if you drain them and leave to dry out (otherwise they spit horribly) then slice and fry they make surprisingly acceptable sauté potatoes.

BlackeyedGruesome Sat 09-Feb-19 10:10:33

I think that one has to work out how to get essential nutrients by different routes to usual. Eg, just discovered that D's will drink hot chocolate with uht milk, so that is an alternative to fresh milk on breakfast and to drink.

ElyElyOy Sat 09-Feb-19 15:50:10

I love tinned potatoes with mushy peas and really thick gravy...

I have simple tastes but at least in the event of the apocalypse/Brexit I won’t suffer the loss of fancy/fresh/tasty food wink

TheMammothHunters Sun 10-Feb-19 16:59:24

Breakfasts - cereal/ porridge with jam/ tinned or dried fruit
Lunches- tins soup or beans on toast mainly! Hummus from tinned chickpeas on crackers?
Loads of batch cooking in freezer as usual, plus sausages, meatballs etc.
Also from freezer- fish with frozen veg and couscous
Breaded fish, oven chips and mushy peas
Gammon, hash browns and beans
HM pizza with cheese from freeezer
Risotto with frozen prawns and peas
Halloumi curry with rice
Saag paneer with rice

Tin only meals:
Tuna and sweet corn pasta bake
Hot dog spaghetti
Spinach and chick pea curry with rice
Lentil Dahl with rice
Mixed bean chilli with rice
Stir fry with tinned stir fry veg and noodles
Corned beef hash
Meatballs and pasta

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