Dried onions?

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HolySwearingCuss Sat 19-Jan-19 07:56:52

... are they as miserable as they sound? Anyone tried them?

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Processedpea Sat 19-Jan-19 07:58:49

Where did you find them? They're very useful we used all the time but I can't find them lately

ChesterGreySideboard Sat 19-Jan-19 08:01:31

I buy fried dried onions on Ocado. You can get big catering bag size.
Lovely on burgers but I don’t know what else.
Why dried ones anyway. Onions, if stored correctly, will keep a good while.

HolySwearingCuss Sat 19-Jan-19 08:03:49

They came up as a suggestion on amazon and I'm just curious - if they work the same way and taste the same, it would be incredibly convenient! Not even as a prepping thing just generally.

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cloudtree Sat 19-Jan-19 08:07:25

I have some stored but haven't used them yet.

cloudtree Sat 19-Jan-19 08:09:25

I do use lots of dehydrated food though (I have a dehydrator) and most things taste the same when used as ingredients. The texture sometimes changes. I wouldn't use dehydrated stuff to eat on its own eg if I use dehydrated carrots it would be in a shepherd's pie (fine) rather than serving as a side of carrots (grim).

HolySwearingCuss Sat 19-Jan-19 08:13:40

Maybe I'll try out Ocado, they keep offering a discount on a first delivery anyway!

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bellinisurge Sat 19-Jan-19 08:14:41

I have a jar full bought off Amazon and decanted into the jar. I wouldn't dehydrate my own home grown ones or shop bought fresh ones because I understand the smell of doing so to be horrendous.

ChesterGreySideboard Sat 19-Jan-19 08:17:53

Looks like they are out of stock.

DoodleLab Sat 19-Jan-19 10:22:31

I had some in a sandwich once on holiday in Iceland, they were amazing, so when I got back I sought them out and found a tub of them in Home Bargains. Deffo really tasty and worth getting for putting in a sandwich or burger or the like. I'd think of them though as a delicious, crunchy condiment, rather than something substantive to bulk out your rations. Once you open the pack, I think you need to use it within a few weeks, otherwise they absorb moisture from the air, go soft and bad tasting.

RagingWhoreBag Sat 19-Jan-19 10:38:42

The crunchy fried ones are really tasty on hot dogs and burgers, as PP says but go soft once opened so would need good airtight storage.

I’ve also had regular dried onions before (not crispy fried ones) which we used to rehydrate and heat up to put on hot dogs when I worked in a cafe once. They were actually fine, but some of the staff didn’t soak them for long enough and just mixed with cold water before putting onto hot dogs envy <Vom> They were like chewy paper before they rehydrated properly. In stews, curries and bolognese etc they’d be fine.

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