Keto/primal preppers help please!

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DoodleLab Wed 16-Jan-19 10:32:14

So on the back of the veggie thread, I thought I’d start a keto/LC version.

What are people who eat low carb, primal or paleo doing about Brexit preparedness?

This is what my current stash looks like

Tinned sardines
Tinned mackerel
Tinned tuna
Tinned salmon
Tinned cod roe

Tinned beans & lentils, which I sometimes chuck in a chilli or could use to eke out a mince dish (not strictly LC or primal, but if needs must…)
Reduced sugar baked beans
Tinned spinach
Tinned fruit like peaches & pineapple, which I’m happy to eke out over the week for the vitamins

“Look what we found” ready meal sachets, which I got when they were a quid in Morrisons

Tinned condensed milk and UHT cartons
Tinned coconut milk

Tins of things like Irish stew, beef madras, chilli con carne

Olive oil, tin of ghee, jar of duck fat, jars of coconut oil, will stash some butter in the freezer

Various meat & fish in the freezer… mince, sausages, lamb/pork chops, fish fillets, chicken liver etc. Still got quite a bit of space to fill up more, especially if I decant things into freezer bags. Obviously there’s the concern of power supply disruption, but hopefully any cuts will be planned and rolling rations like the 1970’s rather than random blackouts.

My DH is GF, but not LC, so have things like rice pudding and tinned custard for him as well.

Going to make some sauerkraut/kimchi with the red cabbage currently sitting in the fridge. Particularly want to get into fermented food for the beneficial gut bacteria aspect.

I’m struggling in my head to reconcile sticking to the ideal (fresh/frozen meat and vegetables and high quality fats) and accepting the pragmatic… pulses, tinned fruit and rice.

I don’t have any health problems per se, though I do feel nauseous after a carb binge, I don’t seem to tolerate them well, so stocking up on doomsday amounts of couscous, pasta and risotto isn’t going to work for me.

The ideal would be moving towards a homesteading set up… we do have a large garden and orchard, so really need to get underway with clearing the jungle weeding the veg patch and getting some hens.

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Snugglepumpkin Wed 16-Jan-19 18:43:54

I'm not really up on what sort of diets those are, but my (very limited) reading suggests that some spouted seeds would fit in with a Paleo diet.
Cheap, easy to store, only takes a couple of days to make a batch on the side in the kitchen & requires no power to do so - fresh food.

bellinisurge Wed 16-Jan-19 18:54:34

That's a great idea generally, @Snugglepumpkin . I'm sorry op, I'm not familiar with the details of that diet but I hope others with better knowledge will come along.

pixilatedpenguin Wed 16-Jan-19 19:00:24

What about corned beef and spam?

Backwoodsgirl Wed 16-Jan-19 19:04:43

We are Keto, but our prep supplies are not. We store what lasts the longest and provides the best nutrition

DoodleLab Wed 16-Jan-19 19:17:49

That's a great idea snuggle. I'm a bit sceptical of sprouted seeds, the kind that you grow in a large jar under the sink. The warmth and humidity make them a breeding ground for bacteria. And I can't stand sprouted chick peas grin

But... it's reminded me, I think I have some oriental microgreens seeds in my stash, so I'll sprinkle some compost in a deep tray and have an endless cut & come again supply of greens for salad & stirfries. An easy foray back into gardening too for the win grin

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bellinisurge Wed 16-Jan-19 19:26:27

I sprouted some broccoli seeds as an experiment. Dead quick. Dead yummy. Once they were done, I put them in the fridge and munched away.

DoodleLab Wed 16-Jan-19 19:53:01

pixilated I do have a tin of Lidl bacon grill in the cupboard, haven't been brave enough got round to trying it before purchasing more for the stash. TBH though, not keen on processed MRM, I'd rather prioritise my cash and storage on stuff like tuna. Don't like corned beef, it really would be end of days stuff before I'd tuck in. Though I'll get some for DH, he enjoys it even in happy times. grin

backwoodsgirl What duration do you prep for keto before falling back to long term supplies of rice & beans or whatever? Do you supplement your supplies with your own meat animals/fishing/veg garden?

I think I'm going to prep in "layers"... so first meat/fish in freezer, to tinned protein, to long life carbohydrates. At the same time getting the garden productive with veg and hens/ducks.

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