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IceLemonGin Fri 16-Nov-18 10:30:30

Hi there,

Looking for a bit of inspiration as my dad is a new-ish prepper. He has quite a bit of kit so far for drinkable water, axes galore for wood chopping etc.

He occasionally goes wild camping with a couple of friends, has a good amount of kit for that but I wondered if I could get him something useful that he would appreciate but he might not of thought of yet.

Any ideas? What's on your prepping wish list? Thanks cake

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AwdBovril Fri 16-Nov-18 11:27:24

I quite like my flint striker, for starting a fire. It's metal with a plastic handle, so it's easy to dry if it gets wet, it's on a string, very small, & will allegedly last for approximately 10,000 uses. Cost me about £6 online.

Hand chain saw? I don't have one, so I can't personally recommend them, but they look quite useful.

bellinisurge Fri 16-Nov-18 16:37:35

You could get him a firebox - basically a small metal ... box that you can put a pot on and you start a little fire inside it for the heat.
"Lixada Camping Stove Stainless Steel Folding Wood Stove Pocket Stove Portable Outdoor Camping Cooking Picnic Backpacking Stove"
Currently on sale on Amazon with a massive reduction. Good for wild camping.

6onTheHappyFarm Sun 18-Nov-18 21:09:19

Duronic Hybrid Radio Wind Up Solar and Rechargeable AM/FM Radio with USB Charger Cable

This? Although he might have something similar already?

gamerchick Sun 18-Nov-18 21:11:38

An inverter and a car battery to hook it up too? I take mine camping.

gamerchick Sun 18-Nov-18 21:12:25

Although I might not want to lug a car battery about for wild camping grin

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Sun 18-Nov-18 21:54:17

LifeStraw® Unisex's Go 2-Stage Filter Bottle, Blue, One Size For drinking river water

Battery pack for his phone - you can get solar powered ones

Snugglepumpkin Sun 18-Nov-18 22:50:34

Head torch is better for wild camping as long as it's a decent one.

Petrol hand warmers are awesome, or those snap to work (reboil to recharge) hand & feet warmers are nice if it's cold. You can put the snap ones in your boots overnight if he camps out then chuck them in your saucepan to recharge in the morning - if you store it in a clean boil in the bag type bag with a string so you can put it at the side like a posh teabag you can recharge it in the water you are boiling for your tea/coffee.

I've never met a camper who thought they had enough stuff sacks (proper waterproof ones) or carabiners for clipping things to things.

I've got that Duronic radio, it's fine but the build quality is not as good as it used to be on the newer versions & the radio is a bit rubbish.

You can buy solar chargers you strap to your backpack to charge mobile/tablet etc... if he's into tech, I have one which links to a battery charger for AA or A batteries as well as general usb charging but probably not needed for a 2-3 day trip.

IceLemonGin Wed 21-Nov-18 15:46:56

These are great ideas, thank you so much. He has a fair bit of kit shared but there are some little gems that I doubt he will have thought of so thank you!

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AwdBovril Thu 22-Nov-18 11:31:09

Ooh I also have a pack of those emergency blanket things - mine are in the shape of basic ponchos, so they have hoods. Again, didn't cost a lot online. They are in my emergency bag (for if there's a fire ir something, & we have to get out fast. Also a wind up torch / lantern).

I'm looking at getting a fireproof document bag. Anyone have any recommendations? I want something light, small/slim, & not too expensive.

bellinisurge Mon 24-Dec-18 10:23:44

Not a Brexit one . A prepper one generally:
Might need some tweaking to print out in UK portrait but here's a prepper cheat sheet courtesy of the Urban Prepper.
If the link doesn't work, pop over to his channel on YouTube and take a look.
Merry Christmas!

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