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EmUntitled Sat 28-Jul-18 21:13:18

What is the consensus on reusable items? Washable nappies, baby wipes, cleaning wipes, sanitary protection for example.

Worth investing or not? We already use reusable nappies part time but considering buying other bits too. Can anyone recommend?

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bellinisurge Mon 30-Jul-18 10:28:37

I do for a few things. Cloths etc. Have a plan to wax some cloths to make clingfilm substitute. Need a kick up the arse on that.

I'm too old for Sanpro but my dd is about to start. Obviously I'll be guided by what she wants but I intend to offer her the option of reusable once she's got her head around having them. Again, I'll defer to her.

Precious Stars on YouTube is a good resource.

Snugglepumpkin Mon 30-Jul-18 14:43:41

Personally I use a mooncup which has saved me a fortune in the pat few years but they are not for everyone.

I actually started knitting cotton cleaning clothes because I redecorated my kitchen & wanted them in a specific stripe pattern to go with my new colour palette, but have found that they are very easy to make, much more hardwearing then the shop bought ones & you can colour code them to suit you as well as making them the size that you want.
I boil wash mine once in a while, they are pretty bomb proof.

I use old cotton sheets for dusters/waxing etc... because they don't shed & newspaper (free one gets delivered through the door) to clean glass as I get a fantastic finish with it.

Most of the things I do come from looking at how I would continue to have as close to the same standard of living as I can on a much reduced income.

I always have facecloths (different colours for each person), but also have disposable wipes because they come in handy if you are out, or the water gets cut off (seems to happen in my area at least every year for a day or longer)

bluechameleon Mon 30-Jul-18 15:21:51

I love my cloth sanitary towels, they are so much comfier than disposables. I also think cloth baby wipes are much better than disposables. Cloth nappies I use and like but they are noticeably more effort than disposables, unlike the sanitary towels or wipes.

GoneWishing Mon 30-Jul-18 16:21:38

I did vaguelly know someone, who had her whole family (including eight kids) using everything reusable - including toilet paper. They had "toilet cloths" instead, made from old cotton sheets and whatnot. Definitely a step too far from, except in a really dire situation! Not when there's toilet paper freely available!

I don't really need much in terms of sanitary stuff - a tampon or two and a couple of panty liners every few months - so I haven't bothered to really invest my time and efforts on that front, either.

I do remember very fondly my grandmother's pretty crocheted cotton cloths for all things cleaning. I'm sure my own mother was still using ones she'd inherited from her own grandmother. Those bastards really lasted, despite frequent hot washes. I love crocheting - no idea why I've not thought to make some before!

GoneWishing Mon 30-Jul-18 16:22:17

*step too far FOR ME

walkingintherain23 Mon 30-Jul-18 19:47:09

I love my cloth sanitary pads. Made the switch earlier this year and would not go back to disposables! They’re much more comfortable and so easy to wash once used. Not to mention they are available in loads of different designs.

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