Techniques for curing cancer could be used to make bioweapons

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SoloD Tue 01-Aug-17 10:54:57

Boffin has suggested that some of the techniques being developed to combat illnesses like cancer could be used to create targeted bio weapons.

It's clear this could happen, I mean a few years ago students were able to create a synthetic virus using genetic material they could order in the post and there has been a trend in the US for bio hacking clubs (growing luminous algae using genes from jellyfish and what not).

Making a virus through is very different from a virus evolving, and controlling all the many attributes the virus needs to thrive is very difficult. A man made virus is likely to be unstable and thus may not be effective.

Still gives you pause for thought.

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Kursk Wed 09-Aug-17 01:18:47

Interesting, I wonder if that could use the same DNA searching technology to make a virus that only attacks certain ethnic groups.

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